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Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - esgunn - 05-11-2009

So, How did your individual events go? Please share details. We want details!

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - Harborwitch - 05-12-2009

Erin today was the first day home all day. We just vegged most of the day and luckily Bob didn't have but one service call.

I will try to get to the computer tomorrow - we're still a bit zonked. Billy or I will try to get some details for y'all tomorrow - must go sleep - eyes hurt, shoulders feel like lead, must sleep!!!

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - Lorraine - 05-12-2009

The brunches went really well. We were out of the house by 7am, as the first seating was at 10am. I was on cold food, so did the salads, fruit, green, cherry tomato/bocconcini,basil, fresh strawberries, and the butters, cream cheeses etc. all the hard items. There was a carving station and a crepe station, so they left me alone in the kitchen during service. Luckily, the front of house lady kept a good eye on the buffet. She gave me lots of notice when dishes needed to be replenished, so I could heat them before they ran out of anything.

I had bought new serving/display dishes that we used for the dessert table, and I was so happy with them. Four tiered black metal with white plates. The arms swing out, so you can position then lock them into place. They looked fabulous. We were so busy before service that I didn't get a chance to take pictures. I managed to take some after service, but by then the food was half eaten. I found my camera instructions, so will try to upload some.

Years ago, the winery had a restaurant. I don't think it was open long, as the equipement looks like it was barely used. It is large, well laid out, and is a joy to cook in.
All in all, a good day. We have a BBQ coming us this Sunday, a wedding for 150 on the 30th, a graduation party on June 12th, and a fundraiser that we need to make 4 different appetizers for 300 people. So, we're keeping busy. Thanks for thinking of us, Erin!

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - cjs - 05-12-2009

Sounds like all went well everywhere!

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - bjcotton - 05-12-2009

I don't know why Sharon thinks I can describe the wedding event, I wasn't there; but, I was with them Sunday and met Jennifer's new husband Dan. What a lovely man! He is very knowledgable on a wide range of subjects (especially boats), but doesn't make you feel like an person because YOU don't know. He's the kind of guy that you almost instantly feel as if you've known him for a long time. Has a lovely home in Discovery Bay and it's obvious that the two of them adore one another.

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - iBcookin - 05-13-2009

Sharon must be REALLY tuckered out - I was kind of hoping for a picture of the lovely bride and of course, the food!

Lorraine, glad to hear that things went well on your end. Sounds like things will stay busy for you, and in this economy, that is a blessing.

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - Lorraine - 05-14-2009


in this economy, that is a blessing.

That was one of my biggest concerns about catering. But, there are still folks around here with disposable income. Graduation time is around the corner, and it is amazing what some folks will spend on a high school graduatuion for their kids. But, I'm so glad they do.

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - iBcookin - 05-15-2009

Ditto around here. By Saturday the restaurant had 1070 reservations for Mother's Day and were turning the remainder down. The meal cost $21.95 which for this area is pretty pricey but nobody questioned.

However, it does look like our wedding receptions are down a bit this year.

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - Gourmet_Mom - 05-15-2009

Sharon....I'm guessing the post titled "Wedding" is the pics, so I'll wait to comment there. Bless your heart! It seemed like a good idea at the time, huh?

Linda...what a trouper you are! I'm glad you are recovered! Good luck with the coming weeks!

Lorraine what fun you must have had! I know you had sore feet...but experienced something you have looked forward to with relish. I too look forward to my day of service! Hopefully, my day WILL COME!!!!! William is now looking for used restro equipment to buy..."One day" may not be as far off as I thought.

Re: Sharon and Lorraine - are you recovered? - esgunn - 05-16-2009

It was my turn today, and not even planned. Our Gymnastics Gym is hosting the Junior Olympic Nationals Meet at the Puyallulp Fair Grounds. I was delivering my 6-3lb bags of shredded parm cheese and got asked to stay and help with Hospitality. They feed the coaches, the NCAA recruiters and the judges - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Helped with lunch and dinner.

The kids were real troupers. hung out and played with one of their friends and team mates and stayed out of the way - AND out of trouble. My feet are aching. Walking back and forth on cement flores for 7 hours refilling and stocking coolers and buffet tables. Whew!