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Supper Last Night - bjcotton - 05-15-2009

We were planning on having a nice supper last night, Cannelloni, a salad, etc., but we had company (good friends Joan and Lee) and ended up just having the Cannelloni. Sharon made the crepes, we made the filling, and I made the bechamel (which if I do say so myself was very tasty). Don't know what we're having for supper tonight. Joan, Sharon and I are going shopping at the Dented Chef today, so supper will take care of itself I guess.

I did learn how to make crepes and the filling last night. Paul won't like it because of all the tomatoes, tomato sauce, and tomato paste, so I'll make it for somebody else.

Re: Supper Last Night - Cubangirl - 05-15-2009

My favorite kind do not have any tomato products in them. They just have a bechamel sauce, either plain or porcini. The fillings can be a veal, or a mix of pork and veal, cheese and cheese and veggies.

Re: Supper Last Night - cjs - 05-15-2009

sounds really good, Billy and Cubangirl's also!

Re: Supper Last Night - bjcotton - 05-15-2009

How about a recipe Cubangirl? I'd appreciate it.