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Something Really Wierd!! - cjs - 05-24-2009

Wanna hear something really wierd? So, I bring in the Sunday paper and on the front page is a story about a woman who turns out to be the first assisted suicide in Washington state with a large picture of her holding her little dog in front of a window.

I'm looking at the picture and I think, gee that looks like the neighbor's (behind us) Red van...gee, that looks like their garage, sh*t that's our backyard!!!

Evidently this Linda Fleming knew the two gals that we bought our house from and the pix was taken in our dining room!! How wierd is that???

All Marge (gal behind us) could say was she was darn glad she didn't have Ron's britches hanging on the line.

Anyway, here is the picture -

Re: Something Really Wierd!! - Old Bay - 05-24-2009

Really, really, strange and ironic. I hope I never experience misery, depression, and pain to the extent that poor woman did. Before my Dad's back surgery, he told me he wanted to change doctors--I asked who he wanted--he said "Kevorkian!!". We got surgery and he died several years later thinking his back surgeon walked on water!!!

Re: Something Really Wierd!! - pjcooks - 05-24-2009

It is a small world, isn't it? I wonder what the odds are when stuff like this happens.


Re: Something Really Wierd!! - DFen911 - 05-27-2009

Wait..I see a picture of a boat from that link...?

Re: Something Really Wierd!! - cjs - 05-27-2009

Too late - new front page!! It was bizarre, Denise.