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Grilled Pizza - Bethp - 06-16-2009

Jean - thanks so much for posting the recipe. We've done pizza on the grill before and it's so good. Will be looking forward to using your recipe!

Re: Grilled Pizza - cjs - 06-16-2009

You are so welcome and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. In fact, had grilled pizza again last night. yum.

Re: Grilled Pizza - Mare749 - 06-16-2009

Just a suggestion for anyone who might have leftovers like we did. I cut nice big pieces and individually wrapped them, then just stacked them in a freezer container. That way Ron could take out one or two to take with him to work when he wants to.

Re: Grilled Pizza - cjs - 06-17-2009

good thing to bring up, Maryann! How everyone heats leftover pizza.

In a hurry, we do rely on zapping it in the microwave. But we both really prefer to heat it on a dry cast iron skillet. It keeps the crust crisp while warming/melting the top. AND then, Roy loves his topped with fried eggs.

What are some other ideas?

Re: Grilled Pizza - Mare749 - 06-17-2009

We have a small toaster oven, so Ron uses that on the toast setting. I think he does it twice.

Re: Grilled Pizza - Gourmet_Mom - 06-17-2009

When I take pizza to school, I zap it in the microwave. Not the best, but the only option I have.

Re: Grilled Pizza - Dismc - 06-17-2009

I heat mine in a covered skillet for the first minute or two and then uncovered until hot and crisp.

Re: Grilled Pizza - farnfam - 06-17-2009

I like it to be chewy, so the microwave is ok with me, sometimes I toast it a little after that. The sauce is always dry by the next day, so I add some more of that too.

Re: Grilled Pizza - Old Bay - 06-17-2009

How about bringing leftover pizza to room temp, sprinkle with parmasagn cheese and heat on a grill pan, turning until cheese starts to melt, don't burn!--remove from heat--drizzle with good extra virgin olive oil--serve!!

Re: Grilled Pizza - foodfiend - 06-18-2009

Leftover pizza? What's that???