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Introduction - Vanquisher - 06-17-2009

Hi all! I am new to this forum. It seems like you choose a dinner menu from a current C@H and several of you make it and review. Is that right? Do you ever go back and do this with old issues? I don't have the newest issue because I let my subscriptions lapse. We are moving and are in limbo for a while. I looked at issue 75 and didn't buy it.

Anyway, I haven't made a ton of recipes from my C@H issues, but I've made the chicken and dumplings, Mexican chicken and dumplings, salmon with BBQ buerre blanc, ribs, and a few others. This week I am trying shrimp risotto, shrimp rockefeller stuffed mushrooms, and gyros.

So far I have enjoyed everything I have made from my C@H issues. I am wondering if you had a top 5 list of go to recipes, what would they be, and what issue are they from?


Re: Introduction - farnfam - 06-17-2009

HI Heidi!
Yes, we often do dinner reviews from older issues. Sometimes we use more than one for dessert and side recipes.
I have a couple of faves from older issues, in the Table for Two section. We love that Vietnamese Chicken, the one with the carmel sugar coating. And the Greek Shrimp one on the angel hair pasta with the lemons. The buttermilk lemon or lime pie is great (even tho' I use plain yogurt). When ever there is leftover lamb we love those Gyro Tostados (homemade pita yummm). I'll be interested to see everyone's top five picks, especially from the older issues.

Get ready to copy and save!!

Re: Introduction - cjs - 06-18-2009

Welcome to the neighborhood, Heidi!! You won't, but others around here know I am notorious for my lapse in memory. Can't remember a darn thing. But, the ones I do remember, are -

rolled stuffed chicken breasts with caesar salad
burgers with pimiento cheese
Poblano corn chowder
Black bean soup (but not the one in the soup book)

Those are probably the only ones I would give a 10 to - but, I do have lots of 9s.

Heidi, join us in some of our dinner review menus. We always post the recipes because not everyone have every publication. (did I post the latest ones? better go look.)

Re: Introduction - Mare749 - 06-18-2009

Let's not forget Indian Style Stuffed Chicken Breasts.
That was fabulous. Time to make it again!

Re: Introduction - bjcotton - 06-18-2009

Welcome Heidi! I think my favorite one is from the first "Weeknight Menus". It was Parmesan Chicken Roulades with Caesar Salad and Tomatoes Concasse. It was the very first one we all gave a 10 to. It was superb! If you don't have that recipe I (or someone else) would be happy to post the recipes for you.

Again, welcome to our neighborhood.

Re: Introduction - labradors - 06-18-2009

Hello, Heidi!

When it was my turn to choose the dinner review, I really enjoyed the Thai Chicken Skewer Wraps.

Re: Introduction - Gourmet_Mom - 06-18-2009

Hi Heidi! I love lots of the recipes. Like Billy, I LOVED the Parmesan Chicken Roulades with Caesar Salad and Tomatoes Concasse (Cuisine At Home, June 2006, Issue 57).

Other favorites that I fix often include:
Mushroom Pork Marsala (Cuisine At Home, Weeknight Menus)
Cobb Salad Muffuletta (Cuisine at Home; Issue 69, June 2008, page 38)
Lasagna Soup (Cuisine at Home, December 2005, Issue 54, p. 34)
French Onion Salisbury Steak (Cuisine at Home April 2005 edition)
Cajun Shrimp Fettucine (Cuisine Tonight page 79)
Ruby Sippers (Cuisine at Home Holiday Menus page 87)
New York Cheesecake (Cuisine, June 1998, Issue 9, p. 42).

I know that's eight, but I had enough trouble narrowing it down to that! Plus, that gives one from every category...LOL! I have all of these on MasterCook and can easily post any that you may not have and would like to try. Just give me a holler!

I hope you will join us in the next review dinner. Jean has posted the recipes for them on another thread by that very name, I believe. As a matter of fact, I just picked up the mushrooms to make it tomorrow night!

Re: Introduction - Vanquisher - 06-18-2009

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I will definintely have to try the Prmesan Chicken Roulades and some of the other dishes mentioned, like the Pork Mushroom Marsala...I think that was it.

I will definitely join in on some of the dinner reviews, what a great idea.

Thanks again, and you should see me around here more often.

Re: Introduction - cjs - 06-18-2009

Billy, that was also in Issue #57 - it was our dinner selection for June 06 and you're right everyone loved(s) it!

that's the one I was referring to.

Re: Introduction - DFen911 - 06-18-2009

Welcome to the boards!!! You've come to a great place