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King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - cjs - 06-18-2009

Finally got outta here and shopped in the big city!! Central market had king mushrooms so picked up a pkg. Lorraine, I'm off to look at your post and see what you and Gil did for that appy.

Also, picked up other goodies I can't find around here, nothing fancy just stocking up the pantry. whew!

I also have three zucc blossoms to play with this afternoon for an appetizer. LOVE THAT GREEN HOUSE!! You can almost see everything growing.

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - Mare749 - 06-18-2009

When are you going to let us see it??? Pictures, please!

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - cjs - 06-18-2009

I'll go take some, I was going to wait until it was all finished, but....

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - Lorraine - 06-18-2009

I think the favourite is the appetizer recipe in the LCBO spring issue, Slow Roasted King Mushrooms and tomatoes with Dandelion Pesto on Crostini. But, the grilled ones were good also. If we grill them again, I would quarter them lenghtwise, then grill them. Have fun, Jean!

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - cjs - 06-18-2009

I'll go dig out that issue, Lorraine.

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - cjs - 06-19-2009

Oh Lorraine!!! Did we have fun with our appetizer dinner!!

Sliced a piece of Naan into strips, then layered on each:
spread goat cheese
roasted cherry tomatoes (2) - oven roasted w/salt, pepper, olive oil & honey
julienned basil
King mushroom (grilled halves, then diagonally sliced)
caramelized onion

What great flavor - but, I'm wondering about combining something so there are not so many layers and make it easier to eat (altho, it wasn't that difficult). Maybe combine the goat cheese, onion & basil, or goat cheese and tomato and onion. will have to play. But man, were these little goodies tasty!!

Then the zucchini blossoms worked out well also. I think I posted the recipe for the zucc blossom paninis... I sliced another piece of Naan into strips and topped it with:
zucchini blossoms (fried in a little olive oil until almost crisp, then cut in thirds)
used the roasted cherry tomatoes here also
topped with grated fontina cheese

Stuck under broiler. Yum! Both of the appys were really tasty.

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - Lorraine - 06-19-2009

Glad you liked them, Jean. I think mixing the onion and basil with the goat cheese would make it easier to eat. And if you put it on crostini, it makes it even harder to eat. But, not impossible. If you have any leftover mixture, add it to some chinese noodles or an omelette.

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - cjs - 06-19-2009

An omelette is exactly what Roy's going to do with the goodies tomorrow a.m.

Re: King Mushrooms!! ANd.... - Lorraine - 06-19-2009

I made him a breakfast burrito with them this morning. Very tasty.