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Sunflower Seeds? - Gourmet_Mom - 06-18-2009

Has anyone ever dried or roasted these? If so, how do you get the salt on there? And is there an easy way to break them out of their shell? I'm talking large quantities here. William has planted a WHOLE row of the things. While I think they will be a pretty addition to the garden, it seems a waste not to preserve the seeds.

Re: Sunflower Seeds? - farnfam - 06-18-2009

You mean the few seeds the birds will leave you?

Re: Sunflower Seeds? - iBcookin - 06-18-2009

Last year was the first year we threw in a row of sunflowers. While I enjoy flowers, I pretty much stick to growing things I can eat (food for the tummy overrides food for the soul). By the end of the summer, they looked so darn pretty that we just kept asking ourselves why we had never done it before!!

But to your question, we just let them dry on the stalk and when we eventually cut them, would bring one flower at a time into the house to dry out behind the wood stove. However, we just fed them to the birds in the feeder (and they really enjoyed them!).

I don't know how you would salt them, but they were pretty big seeds and we snacked on them occasionally.

Re: Sunflower Seeds? - cjs - 06-19-2009

We never tried salting them either. Just enjoyed them after the flower dried. They are so pretty to grow!