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Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - cjs - 06-30-2009

How could this be??Another month shot to h*ll!

Roy's garlic is sending up lots of ramps, so I found - yes, another pizza recipe calling for ramps. Sounds good, so that will be dinner. And hope I can get away with meatless before he realizes it!

What are you all up to??

Also, a question - the cheapo pan and kit (as seen on TV cheap) I bought for these, call them 'pancake puffs' - but what's the correct spelling for (sorry for murdering this spelling) 'eibelskiven'? I want to search for the threads we were posting about these. It's time to get it out for the first time since I bought the darn thing.

Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 06-30-2009

I'm doing egg rolls (the full recipe this time) again, and trying the CRAB SPRING ROLLS W/MANGO KETCHUP that Jean posted the other day...just picked up the crab. I went with lump at almost $20 a pound since I figure the texture and flavor would be significant in this recipe. I'm going to fix some Honey Yakatori Chicken to go with it. I'm hoping this will keep the "savages" from eating all my egg roll stash!

Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - HomeCulinarian - 06-30-2009

It's hubby's 60th birthday today. He requested fillet mignon with a wine/mushroom sauce, garlic mashed, and sauted spinach. For dessert, lemon tart from CAH with fresh raspberries. I think we'll get into a good Cab to celebrate! Daughter from CO will be in today and for the rest of the week.

Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 06-30-2009

BTW, Jean it's spelled two ways...Ebelskivers and Aebelskiver

Here is ONE thread with Sharon's Grandmother Pearl's recipe and a couple of ideas, but not the original thread.


Pooh, should have's the other one. Sharon's recipe is there also.


Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - cjs - 06-30-2009

Thanks Daphne!

And happy birthday to 'husband' - great menu he's getting tonight.

Just took a look - SEVEN PAGES!!!!! I'll have to make them every night for 6 months!

Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - labradors - 06-30-2009


Roy's garlic ... another pizza recipe...


Just North of Daytona Beach, there used to be a one-shot (i.e. not chain) pizza restaurant that was really great. One of my favourite things about them was that one of their available toppings was sliced, fresh garlic. When you ordered that, they didn't just toss a few bits of garlic on there. Your entire pizza would come out COVERED with nice, thin slices of wonderful, fresh garlic. OH MY!

Confusedigh: Those were the days, but that place isn't there any more.

Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - cjs - 06-30-2009

Oh, wow, we would have loved that pizza also!!! hmmmmmm, good idea

Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - pjcooks - 06-30-2009

The remainder of the Steakhouse Bruschetta (Dec '06,#60. p 40) following the recipe this time, except I used some dinner rolls that I lightly toasted. This is an excellent recipe, I see it being very sloppy on the suggested baguette slices but I plan to find a way to make this user friendly for the 4th.

Phyllo cups, maybe? or if I get ambitious, savory pastry tart cups.

'Course, I still have a dress to finish.


Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - piano226 - 06-30-2009

Pizzas for it goes
Pita bread (i ususally buy mine at trader joes because they have really thin ones), marinara sauce, cheese, and whatever topping you desire...bake at 400 for a few minutes. Takes a few seconds to assemble and it is sooooooooo good.

Re: Dinner - Last Day of June??????!!!! - chef_Tab - 06-30-2009

You are all killing me. I settled for hot wings from the KFC drive-thru. I am alone this week and working as much as possible on the house. Good news is that hubby found an apartment for us in Pennsylvania. Someday I hope to join him there. Selling houses stinks.