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Grilled Salsa Roja - esgunn - 07-03-2009

The Salsa Roja goes with the Mojo Marinated Pork Tenderloin Tacos in the newest Grilling Book.

Ok - I know Jalapenos can very quite a bit on heat - but If you have a large jalapeno - you might want to make sure you seed and Devein at least half the jalapeno. The recipe calls to grill the onion, tomatoes, garlic and jalapeno - peel (except the onion) and add to the processer with the other ingredients. My jalapeno was WAY TOO HOT! Can't even taste the salsa.

I'll report on the taco's tomorrow.

Re: Grilled Salsa Roja - labradors - 07-04-2009

True: jalapeños can vary greatly. For flavour, though, I prefer serranos over jalapeños. but they are usually a little hotter than the average jalapeño.

Grilling or roasting everything (especially the tomatoes and peppers, though not necessarily the onions or garlic) is the best (and most authentic) way to go. It really does give the best flavour. YUM!

Re: Grilled Salsa Roja - cjs - 07-04-2009

I agree with Labs - for flavor I prefer Serranos over Jalapenos. I grow both and it's amazing how peppers on the same plant can vary so much in their heat.

That book is supposed to be coming - wish it would hurry up.

Re: Grilled Salsa Roja - iCook - 07-04-2009

Well I also made the Grilled Salsa Roja last night. It was wonderful. I used four jalapeños that were seeded and after I cooked them. Perhaps grilling them takes the heat out because I didn't think it was spicy at all. It was very good. I have can this salsa for the winter.

I may even add some roasted corn and a few black beans to this delightful recipe. This one is a keeper.