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Labs - DFen911 - 07-07-2009

Hey just wanted to check and see how things were going where you are. Any more conflict?

Re: Labs - labradors - 07-07-2009

In the capital, there has been conflict, and the supporters of Zelaya are getting bolder as international leaders continue to insist upon interfering on behalf of the socialists.

The majority of Hondurans are glad to see Zelaya go, and are hoping the legally appointed, interim president Micheletti will be able to maintain peace in the face of international pressures and threatened sanctions (which would only cause more problems for this second-poorest country in the Western hemisphere).

I have already been admonished once, on this board, for speaking the truth, so I will say nothing more than what I have just said.

[Image: 3laceibaclamapazparahon.jpg]

[Image: 1zelayaarrastrabaahondu.jpg]

[Image: 1hondurasclamaporlapazi.jpg]
(Translation: "We love our DEMOCRACY. We don't want you, Zelaya")

For now, things are okay where I am, and I thank you for your continued concern and prayers.

Re: Labs - cjs - 07-07-2009

We're glad you're o.k., Labs.

Re: Labs - labradors - 07-07-2009

Thanks. Here is an interesting blog article someone emailed to me. Nothing political - just the facts.

Re: Labs - Mare749 - 07-07-2009

That is interesting, labs. Thanks for posting and glad you are still okay. I can't wait to go back to Roatan.

Re: Labs - labradors - 07-09-2009

Another excellent blog article on the subject.