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Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - cjs - 07-09-2009

I still have oysters in the freezer and as I was looking thru my Pacific Northwest beautiful book, I found this one that is so off the wall, just have to make it.

Oyster, Beef & Bourbon Stew - I'll probably toast up some popcorn bread (had some l/o truffle popcorn to use up yesterday) Anxious to try this dish.

what are you all up to?

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - Mare749 - 07-09-2009

Probably going to have pulled pork sandwiches. Did a pork shoulder in the smoker the other day and it turned out soooo good. Took every ounce of self-control not to over-eat that one! We put most of the leftovers in food-saver bags, but kept out just enough for tonight, with some grilled corn to go with.

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - HomeCulinarian - 07-09-2009

I have some salmon in marinade. Not sure about the sides yet, though.

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-09-2009

I've got butternut squash coming off and YS wants me to make Jean's Roasted Butternut Squash Penne Al Burro. But after the ice cream, I'm not sure my arteries can take it...LOL! I'll probably just carmelize them with some onions and serve with a mustard glazed pork tenderloin. That way, I can have some cherry sauce with some more ice cream and not feel TOO bad.

There's plenty of squash to come off, so I'll make the pasta dish next week! He'll get over it!

BTW, Jean, another book mentioned yesterday was Peterson's Glorious French Food: A Fresh Approach to the Classics. When looking through the Table of Contents, I could swear I saw that very recipe listed. (Nope, make that a New York Strip Steak with Red Wine and Oysters...close.) I remember, because I was thinking it sounded like such an "odd" combination. I hope you're going to share a review on that one.

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - labradors - 07-09-2009

After Jean's honey-mustard chicken made me think of making chicken tempura with honey mustard, I'll have to do that tonight. :-)

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - Trixxee - 07-09-2009

Chinese Chicken Salads.

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - cjs - 07-09-2009

Labs - what kind of mustard do you use with your honey? I usually use French's or Dijon, but since I've tried the stone ground for the mustard, it'll be hard to go back. It's such a nice combination.

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - labradors - 07-09-2009

Jean - If I already have it, or can afford it, I use Dijon. The stone-ground isn't available here, so I have no way of trying that.

Otherwise, most of the time, I use a Guatemalan brand called "Gourmet":

[Image: mostaza20felxipackjpg0.jpg]

I've never been a big fan of French's, and although Gourmet IS a yellow mustard, I think it has a better flavour than French's. Actually, I think most yellow mustards have too much vinegar, but this one is just right.

Their mayo is great, too, and costs less than Hellmann's.

[Image: mayonesajpg0.jpg]

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - cjs - 07-09-2009

I guess it's what you're used to or nostalgia can't have a hot dog w/out French's. But I love all kinds of mustard (sometimes my refrigerator mustard/condiment filled.

don't forget I'm in the Miracle Whipe corner also....

Re: Dinner Tonight - Thursday, 7/9?? - labradors - 07-09-2009

That's right. I had forgotten that you're Miracle Whipped.

P.S.: I've never been that much of a fan of mustard, but one brand that my parents used to get all the time (not sure if it's available where they live now) was Maille.