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Frittering away - Corn Fritters - labradors - 08-07-2009

Jean, so this will be easier to find, here's a separate thread where we can compare notes about the corn fritters.

This morning, I walked down to place by the side of the road where, every day, a Honduran woman sets up a table and a homemade grill and sells corn three ways: boiled, grilled, and as fresh corn fritters. The boiled or grilled ears of corn are 40 cents each, and the fritters (flat discs 6" in diameter and 1/2" thick) are 50 cents each.

Today, as I munched on one of the hot, golden beauties, I sat down and chatted with the woman and asked how to make them, jotting it all into my Palm Pilot. Here it is:

Fritas de Maíz (Honduran-Street-Vendor Corn Fritters)

  • 5 Ears of corn
  • 2 Sticks Margarine (not butter)
  • 1/2 Gallon Milk
  • 2 Cups Sugar
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1 Packet (28g or 2 Tablespoons) Baking Soda (A common, convenience package here, instead of buying a whole box.)
  • 1/2 Pound Crema (If you are able to get "Mexican Cream," use that. Otherwise, use sour cream.)
  1. Scrape the kernels off the ears of corn.
  2. Mix the corn kernels and the rest of the ingredients together well.
  3. Melt enough vegetable shortening (or heat enough oil) to be 1" deep (or more) in a large sauté pan. She says you can use oil, at home, but that some of her regular customers are picky, and know when she doesn't use shortening, so she always uses shortening.
  4. Spoon enough batter into the oil to form a 6" diameter by 1/2" thick disc.
  5. Fry until cooked through and golden on both sides.
  6. Let drain on paper towels

Note that I have not actually tested this recipe, myself, yet, but certainly shall!

Re: Frittering away - Corn Fritters - BarbaraS - 08-07-2009

Here's another:

Nanny Hunter's Corn Fritters

(This is from a farm and farm stand that is still working from the 1750's - the oldest in NJ!)

2 cups fresh corn (about 8 ears, but really 4/6, but what the heck, their corn is awesome!! I shucked and froze a dozen ears before they closed for the season.)

1 teaspoon butter, melted

1/4 cup milk - whole

2 eggs

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon salt


Mix together all ingredients, except corn, and whisk.

Fold in corn.

Drop batter by the spoonful into hot oil and fry until golden brown, turning often.

Drain on paper towels and keep warm in oven until ready to serve.

Serve with Jersey Fresh honey for dipping.

Note: They are delish with a honey drizzle!!


Re: Frittering away - Corn Fritters - labradors - 08-07-2009

I'm glad to see another recipe, since the one I posted has been bugging me. I'm not sure she scaled it correctly as she told me, and some of it may have suffered through translation (such as when she said Un medio de leche and I had to ask her "a half WHAT of milk?" Through her responses and her reference to the supermarket, what she said conveyed the idea of half a gallon. When I said that, and kept asking about it, she said it was correct, but I think she misunderstood me (and vice versa, a bit, as well). Also, I was surprised that she didn't mention any eggs.

I'm going to go back there tomorrow to see if I can straighten in out.

Please stay tuned...

Re: Frittering away - Corn Fritters - BarbaraS - 08-07-2009


This is a tried and true recipe. And it's delish!!


Re: Frittering away - Corn Fritters - cjs - 08-07-2009

Thanks. I'll sit down tomorrow a.m. and sort all out - I want some good corn fritters!!

Re: Frittering away - Corn Fritters - Mare749 - 08-07-2009

Wow, thank you both! I'll do the same and compare the recipes. Sure sounds good.

Re: Frittering away - Corn Fritters - labradors - 08-08-2009

Forgot one - mostly because it's not CALLED a "smoothie." A refreshing Mango Lassi is a wonderful drink one usually gets in Indian restaurants. Just purée together fresh, ripe mango pulp and plain yogurt (plus sugar, if you really think it needs it - I don't). When serving it, sprinkle a little ground cardamom on top.

Re: Frittering away - Corn Fritters - Gourmet_Mom - 08-08-2009

Boy, don't those fritters sound wonderful. I'm going to have to give those a try.