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Lentil/Spinach Burritos - farnfam - 09-16-2009

YUM, I've made these before, Issue 50 in the Table for Two section, but didn't remember if they'd been reviewed. Well, we just had them again, the other nite and they were even better than we remembered. The spiced yogurt is so good, and the egg dipped tortillas have such nice flavor. All in all, this is a terriffic meatless meal, and pretty quick too, if your lentils are cooked earlier in the day.

Re: Lentil/Spinach Burritos - cjs - 09-16-2009

Wow, how did I miss this one? It sounds so good. Thanks for (finally ) reviewing it.

Re: Lentil/Spinach Burritos - cjs - 09-20-2009

Oh, these are tasty little goodies!! Thanks for posting this Cis.

[Image: P1010068-1.jpg]

And filling - enough to split for 4 people.

Re: Lentil/Spinach Burritos - Gourmet_Mom - 09-20-2009

I'll have to check this out. I'm pretty sure I have this issue. I'm not sure if I can sell this at my house...we'll see! Maybe I can convince William it's diet food. He's complaining about my food causing his lack of weight loss. I can't seem to make him understand that choosing to eat TWO BIG servings of Uncle Wallace's Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon Sauce AND Bacon is NOT my fault!!!! MEN!

Re: Lentil/Spinach Burritos - cjs - 12-29-2009

"Uncle Wallace's Buttermilk Pancakes" -OH, you made Uncle Wallace's pancakes????

Anon was checking out this thread and I couldn't remember it - I love burritos, so took a look. I've already made them... looks like a repeat.

Re: Lentil/Spinach Burritos - Gourmet_Mom - 12-29-2009

Yes, twice! They're sooooo good! I still haven't made the Lentil/Spinach Burritos, though. HMMMM?