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Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - cjs - 09-17-2009

Good morning all! Visited Central Market yesterday and wanted to pick up some Idiazabal cheese to try - darn, they didn't have any and the gal I talked to said it's more of a holiday cheese and they'll have it in again in a few weeks. Also, between Trader Joe's and Central Mkt, I picked up two brands of whole wheat pasta (F&W did a comparison) that were recommended. Will see how we like them.

Dinner tonight? Have no ideas\, but I did pick up green beans to make Erin's soup that Labs likes so much.

What are you all up to?

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - HomeCulinarian - 09-17-2009

Leftover chicken with Greek Salsa for us...

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - WannaBeTVChef - 09-17-2009

I don't have any plans.
Not much into the idea of cooking or creating.
Kinda just not feelin it today.

I did buy a lot of fruit yesterday with the plans of dehydrating for work snacks.
Didn't get in the dehydrator, so now don't know what I'll do with them.
Takes days to dehydrate this kind of fruit. I do have a new mandolin that I can thin slice on, maybe they'll go in that dehydrator now and see what happens.
So worth it though, carrying around with me, an instant pick me up.
I'm off to Trader Joe's too, need all those raw nuts.

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - Trixxee - 09-17-2009

I *think* I'm going to really take a short cut and buy some carnitas at Costco for tacos, then a corn salsa (if I can find the C@H recipe), some homemade guacamole since avocados are only 79 cents piece right now, and pinto beans.

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - Gourmet_Mom - 09-17-2009

I'm tired! Yesterday was a full day! So tonight will be Jean's marinara with sausage and ground turkey added over linguine with a simple salad on the side.

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - chef_Tab - 09-17-2009

My friend is stopping overnight on her way to St. Louis and she loves spaetzle. So for her I am making a pork roast with gravy, spaetzle, and some roasted carrots and asparagus. I made a plum tart for dessert that I found in a thread Sharon started a couple of years ago and I can't wait to try that later. It looks great. If we love it, I will bring that forward and add my two cents.

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - Mare749 - 09-17-2009

Wish I was traveling by your house Theresa! Your dinner sounds excellent!

Just some leftovers here. I made roasted bliss potato salad yesterday and Ron cooked some beef ribs, so he can have those. I'll probably make a turkey burger. I really have to get back into cooking mode, but the weather has been unbelievable this week and it's been so nice to be out and about.

Funny, I went to Trader Joe's this week too. Love that place. Came home with all kinds of goodies.

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - farnfam - 09-17-2009

Well, I don't know how I could possibly follow that Eggplant Rollatini, but Theresa's menu sounds really good!
Tonite, compliments of Foodgawker, (again) we're having a lovely fish chowder with spinach frittata muffins. It's getting cold here, probbly frost tonite

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - cjs - 09-17-2009

Geez, Cis, your fingers are going to be down to the nubs if you keep mentioning new ideas that we have to try too!!!
"spinach frittata muffins." sounds good.

Don't dare tell Roy Rogers what Theresa is fixing, he'll be on her doorstep!!

Re: Dinner Plans - Thursday, 9/17?? - Gourmet_Mom - 09-17-2009

Cis...I saw those muffins and thought...HMMM? Soon! Which chowder are you doing? When I did a search, I got two...

the one where the blogger used a recipe from a book that I think JEAN (and me) might be interested in...."Anya Von Bremzen's "The Greatest Dishes: Around the World in 80 Recipes" is perfect for anyone who wonders what makes a ratatouille a ratatouille vs. a caponata, a relish, a chutney, or anything else.

Every recipe comes with a narrative detailing the author's quest to figure out the dish's "life story." The narratives include history, lore, and a description of the characters Von Bremzen encounters as she searches for authentic recipes for some of the world's favorite dishes."

And another..."New England Fish Chowder adapted from a recipe by Margaret Woodworth D’Arcy of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of New Hampshire"

I specifically brought this up for three reasons:

-I would love to know which one...if it's good! It's almost that time of year when fish prices go down at the docks in Southport.

-I thought JEAN might be interested in that cookbook.

-I wanted to comment(and brag) on the second recipe's origin. My mother has gotten into genealogy since she started (and finished) working on her Daughters of the American Revolution application. One of the "higher ups" encouraged her to dig further so she could be admitted to the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America. (She's almost finished!) I won't comment on the amount of research and documents she has printed out. Her house is getting taken over by CDs and PAPER! Luckily, she is remodeling her kitchen and putting in hardwood floors. Her house is beginning to look like some of those "hoarders"(sp?) on those shows!