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Sunday Dinner - 9/27?? - cjs - 09-27-2009

What's everyone up to?

We've been invited to our neighbors who have the wood-fired oven for pizza party. I'm going to take some fixings over for the Reuben pizza (with Rye & Beer dough), a dessert pizza, and one more that I don't know what it'll be yet. Should be fun.

Re: Sunday Dinner - 9/27?? - Gourmet_Mom - 09-27-2009

Boy, I sure wish I lived in your neighborhood! One of the disadvantages of living in the boonies at a summer resort, type place. It's got it's perks, though!

I'm making the skinny meatloaf with 'taters and peas. I need to get on with it...I've still got papers to grade!

Re: Sunday Dinner - 9/27?? - Lorraine - 09-28-2009

I had some leftover baked chicken thighs, and lots of root veggies in the fridge. I simmered the veg in chicken stock and fresh thyme. at the end, I added the thighs on top, and he made cornmeal dumplings that we added to the pot. Great rainy day supper.