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Eat Fruits & Veggies! - HomeCulinarian - 10-07-2009

Oldest daughter just brought this article to my attention. No wonder our health care costs are skyrocketing! I hope that we can help turn this around by setting a good example and making those veggies taste good. 9 in 10 teens fall short on fruits and veggies

Re: Eat Fruits & Veggies! - cjs - 10-07-2009

Well, I guess it's understandable, fast food places don't offer fruit do they?? That's so sad and with those teens having children it will only get worse if things don't get turned around.

My kids were raised with fruit platter/bowls of fruit at most dinners, it would be interesting to know if they've kept up with that. Madmax?????

Re: Eat Fruits & Veggies! - Trixxee - 10-07-2009

Some FF places do - apple slices are pretty common. I think Chik Fil A offers fruit salad as a side.

But yes, fruit and veggies are definitely lacking.

Re: Eat Fruits & Veggies! - Trixxee - 10-07-2009

Meant to add, when I was a teen getting enough fruit was never an issue - as a matter of fact my mom had to the brakes on it sometimes because as soon as she'd bring pounds of fruit home, we would grind through it. My brothers eating 4 plums at a time, that kind of thing.

Veggies, not so much.

Re: Eat Fruits & Veggies! - vannin - 10-07-2009

My 3 (grown) kids all have their own veggie gardens. I guess it is just habit. A question good people, I once knew a fellow who claimed he never ate veg. So what on earth does one eat?