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Theresa!! How You Doing?? - cjs - 10-16-2009

Welcome to the snow!! I thought of you this morning when I saw the first snow storm of the season is your new hometown!! Did you live in snow country before (I can't remember.. )

I bet it's gorgeous - stay warm.

Re: Theresa!! How You Doing?? - foodfiend - 10-16-2009

Oh Jean, it is not gorgeous! The brightly colored fall leaves are gorgeous! Sun is gorgeous!!!

Theresa, I called my Mom last night and she said that the icy rain was falling and she welcomed snow because she had to drive somewhere today (those mountains!). Good luck (stay inside and warm!!!)

We had arranged a weekend at the lake house with friends (again, mountains, snow, and cold!), originally planning a cruise upriver to see the leaves, a picnic at a park, etc. Haha. Now, since one couple cancelled, so it is only one friend of ours coming, we will most likely spend the weekend huddled around the fireplace, eating and drinking! Not a bad way to spend a weekend, but...

Re: Theresa!! How You Doing?? - cjs - 10-16-2009

Alternatives CAN be fun, can't they?? Have a great time.

Re: Theresa!! How You Doing?? - chef_Tab - 10-16-2009

It is snowing! Crazy weather. Luckily, my friend Okey Gnocchi mailed my boots and shoes last week. I forgot to pack shoes! What an person, all I had was flip flops and sandals. My guess is there is at least 6 inches out there and still coming down. Schools and city offices are closed. It has broken the record for earliest snowfall.....lucky me. We have no shovels etc, so yesterday I did forage out in the snow to buy some snow removal stuff and the store had not received the winter shipment yet. I tried sweeping it off the patio with a broom, but it is heavy and wet and won't budge. Lots of trees down and I am guessing the foliage is ruined. But I am safe and warm just watching the snow fall with the kitties. The fridge is stocked with food and beer, I am happy.

Oh, Jean, we lived in Detroit for 10 years before Kansas City, and I am originally from Massachusetts, so snow is not really new to me. I must admit I could easily live without it. Happiness is palm trees and beaches.

Re: Theresa!! How You Doing?? - Mare749 - 10-16-2009

Glad to hear you are okay, Theresa. I was wondering about you last night when the weather report came on. They zeroed in on State College and predicted very heavy snowfall.

Re: Theresa!! How You Doing?? - Gourmet_Mom - 10-16-2009

Lucky you...LOL! At least you're stocked up. Let's just hope you don't loose power. I'm guessing you haven't had time to buy a generator...ouch!

I lived 3 years in the NC snow country during college years...that was enough for me. I wouldn't mind a little once or twice a year, but all the time...NOT! Stay safe and warm Theresa!