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Apples with caramel sauce - miller1099 - 10-18-2009

I have lost a back issue from the last three years that had a wonderful apple and caramel sauce recipe. Does anyone have it handy?


Re: Apples with caramel sauce - Gourmet_Mom - 10-18-2009

If someone doesn't come along, I'll post this tomorrow...if I have it. This is one of those times that Members Plus would come in handy....ARGGG!

You know, most of our requests come from subscribers. Making Members Plus available would enhance the program and the forum..............


Sorry if it hits you, Jean. This is another example of replacing Members plus. I don't think that many people tried to "steal" recipes here. Most appear to be subscribers looking for missing recipes.

The rest of us...well....

Re: Apples with caramel sauce - Gourmet_Mom - 10-19-2009

The only recipe that had ONLY caramel and apples was in the current magazine. They're caramel apples like you would typically make this time of year rolled in roasted nuts and additionally in popcorn or dipped in chocolate and drizzled with white or dark chocolate. Is this the one you are looking for?

Re: Apples with caramel sauce - esgunn - 10-19-2009

Could it be the

Stacked apple pie recipe from Issue 71 - Oct 2008? It also had the carmel recipe seperate and showed it drizzled over fresh apple slices (not cooked).

I can post it if this is the one.

Re: Apples with caramel sauce - Peach - 10-20-2009

yummm this sounds good! the recipe is in this magazine?

Re: Apples with caramel sauce - cjs - 10-20-2009

I'm right there with you, Daphne! I sure miss that feature too.