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10/28 Dinner Plans? - cjs - 10-28-2009

We're helping out at Harbinger's today, so need a quick, easy dinner. think it'll be some roasted tomato sauce from the freezer over pasta and maybe asparagus. Easy.

What is eveyone else up to?

Re: 10/28 Dinner Plans? - Trixxee - 10-28-2009

I'm going to make tilapia - probably some sort of parmesan/panko crust. Yellow rice and a simple green salad.

Re: 10/28 Dinner Plans? - Mare749 - 10-28-2009

I'm thinking kung pao chicken, jasmine rice and broccoli. I have some frozen egg rolls, but no won ton soup. Ron can bring that on his way home.

Re: 10/28 Dinner Plans? - Gourmet_Mom - 10-28-2009

Your mention of egg rolls reminds's about time to make some more for the freezer. I think I may do that this weekend and have an Asian night...been a long time since I made fried rice. I saw Billy's last night in the Tribute thread....may try that one and have a good cry. I'm thinking of freezing the egg rolls BEFORE frying this time and see how that works. I've not been very happy with reheating. I've tried baking, zapping, and refrying (TOO OILY).

Tonight is Bible study. They're having a covered dish, but I just can't get home in time to have dinner ready to walk out the door by 5:15. William has suggested going out to eat either before or after. I hate doing that...leaves me no lunch for tomorrow. I may have to order a to go for school.

Re: 10/28 Dinner Plans? - lxxf - 10-28-2009

I'm cooking paella. The recipe I used has the pan overflowing, so we'll see. The clams and mussles haven't opened yet. They have six more minutes, so I'll cross my fingers and hope.


Re: 10/28 Dinner Plans? - cjs - 10-28-2009

Sally, I thought you were one of the old timers - but, you came in about the same time as the other interlopers, didn't you?

Re: 10/28 Dinner Plans? - lxxf - 10-29-2009

I came in about 2 years or so ago, I think. And the paella was tasty, but not right, I used too much rice so I didn't get the liquid quite right. I'll try again in a month or so. Tonight surf 'n turf - leftover paella and meatloaf, lol.