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Billy's Book is Done - cjs - 10-29-2009

I think we all will like the book - I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

There are 43 pages (8" X ll" - double sided). Since there are only 4 pages with color, I'll print those myself and insert, keeping the price down.

I got a quote for 10 & 15 copies

10 = $37.29 incl. tax.
15 = $55.93 incl. tax.

So, I'm thinking -

$3.75 a copy + shipping $2.25 = $6.00 total for each book
(that should cover shpping and making the color copies)

Now, if those who want a copy will let me know, I'll get them copied and we're good to go.

So far on the list -

and I need addresses to send the books - I'd really like to have this wrapped up before next Thursday, so I'm hoping to hear from everyone intersted by Tues. Nov. 3rd at the latest. I'll go to the printer that day.

Re: Billy's Book is Done - Harborwitch - 10-29-2009

Jean I will need 5 copies. You can send them to me. I'll pm you the address. Do I have your address????

Re: Billy's Book is Done - Gourmet_Mom - 10-29-2009

Jean, I'm in...I just PM'ed you. Do you still have my address in the PM from the other day or do you need me to send it again? It's at the bottom of the message about the recipe you requested for the book...the Pork Mushroom Marsala?

Re: Billy's Book is Done - lxxf - 10-29-2009

I'm in. Let me know where to send the check.


Re: Billy's Book is Done - cjs - 10-29-2009

You're all on the list and Sally, I'll p.m. you my address.

Re: Billy's Book is Done - labradors - 10-29-2009

Can you take PayPal? I have no reliable way to send any other form of payment. Also am not to sure about the address I'd like you to use. I'm waiting for something from that mailbox service now, and it's late. It's a service that gives me a box number in Florida. When they receive things they send them here. I'm not sure how a booklet like that would be, but they SAY they don't charge anything for regular letter envelopes and that packages would be $4/lb that I would have to pay when I pick up the package. The standard postal mail, here, is not very reliable. This is better, but not much better.

Re: Billy's Book is Done - Old Bay - 10-29-2009

Jean, send me 4 copies. I'll send a check. I think you have my address.

Re: Billy's Book is Done - mjkcooking - 10-29-2009


count me in - I'll send you a check and email you my address.


Re: Billy's Book is Done - HomeCulinarian - 10-29-2009

Jean, I'll take a copy and PM you my address.

Re: Billy's Book is Done - esgunn - 10-30-2009

I'm in. I'll PM you my address incase you do not have it.