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Nov 1st dinner?? - cjs - 11-01-2009

It's Mr. Roy's b'day today and he has it all planned out, food-wise, that is.

Brunch - overnite waffles (they get a little sour), bacon and eggs on top...champagne, of course.

Dinner - T-bones, twice baked potatoes, green salad and lemon cream cheese ice cream pie (just putting some ice cream in little pie crusts and topping with shavings of chocolate. Oh my, a pig out day, that's for sure.

What are you all up to?

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-01-2009

I haven't decided yet. I had thought about doing Billy's fried rice, but I really wanted to do it with egg rolls. Since I did Lorraine's Dinner last night, I didn't get around to making the stuff for the egg rolls. So I think I'll wait on that one until next Saturday.

I have some stuff to do today, so we'll see. I'll have to think on this and get back with you.

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - labradors - 11-01-2009

Now that the recipes for Lorraine's dinner have been posted, I'm going to make the stew tonight. I've never seen parsnips here, so I'll have to substitute something else, or just leave them out. Turnips, I HAVE seen, but that was a couple of years ago, and I don't know if they still carry them. If not, then that will be the same as with the parsnips. Of course, as mentioned quite a while ago, I'll have to substitute camotes for the sweet potatoes, but that usually works well.

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - Mare749 - 11-01-2009

We are doing Lorraine's birthday dinner today. I have had the stew before, but not the other dishes along with it. Should be fun. It's cold and dreary here today, so perfect day for this.

Happy Birthday, Roy!!!

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - esgunn - 11-01-2009

Happy Birthday Roy!!!

It will be Nacho's while we watch the evening football game. We usually do Nachos for lunch during football, but Steve won't be home until late afternoon. So dinner it is. And tomorrow is Pizza for Monday Night football!

It takes me all week to recover from Football!

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - Trixxee - 11-01-2009

Chicken stuffed with goat cheese, basil and chives. Fingerling potatoes and haricot verts as sides.

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - chef_Tab - 11-01-2009

Trixxee, where is your recipe for the stuffed chicken from? Sounds very good.

We are cleaning out the fridge so tonight will be the rest of the tuna noodle casserole. I am thinking of stirring in wasabi to kick it up a notch. A nice salad on the side and that's it. I really would like the pork stew, but that will be tomorrows fare.

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-01-2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROY ROGERS! Jean, tell Roy he shares a birthday with a very special person. Every year, I've let this day go by without taking note. Today, during church, I took note and realized why I've been blocking it out. I started is my dad's birthday....first time I've remembered ON his birthday since his death. I usually don't think of it until William's mother's birthday on the 11th. Not as painful that way. I really miss him!

ANYWAY, I can't seem to break William's Sunday Dinner cycle. About 7 years ago, when the kids were all home, we would spend Sunday afternoons on the lake together. Saturday evening, I would pack food for the cooler, make chili for hot dogs, and make up our hamburger patties. After church on Sunday, we'd pack the coolers, put on our suits, and head out. After a day of fun and sun, I'd come back and grill burgers and dogs. The tradition continued beyond the summer and became a time for EVERYBODY and often friends to gather. At least I've broken the hot dog cycle...LOL! A pack of hot dogs, pot of chili, AND 6 burgers is just TOO much for the three of us...often just the two of us!

I have modified it some, especially today. We've been topping them with blue cheese and bacon, lately...I know, not the healthiest option! Yesterday, I started some focaccia, then realized there was bread with the review dinner. So I wrapped it up and stuck it in the fridge. So today, we'll have focaccia "buns". I like a crunchy roll. Also, I may offer an additional topping. Sonny Anderson made some yummy looking pimento cheese yesterday on FN. Since I overdid the amount of cheese for the johnny cakes for last night and just so happen to have some pimentoes, I may just try it out. I've tried several recipes, but none have ever measured up to William's Great Aunt Lottie's. Maybe this time.

Sorry for wandering...I guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic today.

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - Trixxee - 11-01-2009

This is the recipe I used to follow, but now I skip the sauce and I even skip the bread crumbs - LOL. I just assemble the chicken, lightly brown in a saute pan then finish off in the oven.

Re: Nov 1st dinner?? - chef_Tab - 11-01-2009

Thanks Trixxee! Last year when visiting my brother, my SIL made something like this and it was to die for! I have asked her for so many recipes and she is so busy, I did not want to bother her again. I tried "winging" it and was disappointed, I cannot wait to try this one.