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Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - cjs - 11-03-2009

One of the wineries in town has offered to have a book signing party for me at the next wine club pick up party next month. So tonight I'm making pizzas and matching them with beers and wine. Should be fun -

Reuben Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Jack Chicken & Walnut Pizza
Dessert: CHerry Pie filling pizza (with a layer of cream cheese)

I'm going to be cutting them in squares instead of pie shape - probably a heck of a lot easier to serve (and eat) sample sizes of.

What are you all up to?

Oh, a question for you beer drinkers - what would you match the above with in beers? I'm pretty good with wine, but sure not with beers. Any suggestions for me?

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - Trixxee - 11-03-2009

Searching around for recipes now, but I'm leaning towards some kind of chicken stir fry with a peanut sauce. I'm trying to work with what I've got in the cupboard and fridge. The only veggies I have are carrots, celery, onion, and then canned baby corn and water chestnuts. Surely I can make SOMETHING with these ingredients.

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - Trixxee - 11-03-2009

Oops - I'm zero help on the beer since I just about never drink it. With that said, my husband insisted I try his Michelob ultra light raspberry pomegranate beer the other day. It was pretty good! Quite summery and unless you're in So. California, it probably doesn't seem like summer anymore!

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - farnfam - 11-03-2009

I would match the Reuben Pizza with a dark beer,or maybe with a stout.
For dinner, I've got that Thai Chicken in the crockpot recipe that came in the email the other day. That will cook nicely while we drive to the town polls to cast our votes
Trixie, we love that pomegranate beer! We've got a Saranac Pomegranate Wheat available here, yum

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - chef_Tab - 11-03-2009

For dinner I was going to make the winter pork stew until hubby called and we are meeting someone from work at one of the local taverns for dinner instead. Worked out nicely though, because I am catching up on my to-do list.

Cis, I expect a review of the Thai Chicken, I will text Lola to remind you.

As far as the beer matching goes, I hesitate to recommend because it has gotten to the point where I like so few beers because they pale in comparison to IPA's. But here goes my opinion:

Reuben pizza- a good hoppy IPA
Pepperoni Pizza- an unfiltered wheat
Jack Chicken and walnut- a pilsner
the cherry dessert pizza- one of those stouts or porters that has a lot of chocolate or coffee undertones.

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - farnfam - 11-03-2009

We ate an early supper, so I have my review. Thanx for texting Lola, she made sure I got right online with the review before I forgot

Slow Cooked Thai Chicken: This was a tasty and simple dish. Some real Thai flavors going on, and just enough heat. I thought it need salt, but I had to skimp on the fish sauce (didn't have much) so that might be why. Served with rice as they suggested, it was done when we got home and really convenient too. Don't for get the peanut, basil topping (I put a sprig or two of cilantro into it). About 6.5 Yums, but y'all know I'm a hard marker

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - chef_Tab - 11-03-2009

thanks Cis and Lola! did you mean you used cilantro instead of basil, or in addition to?

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - cjs - 11-03-2009

Sounds good - the email from C@H or another newsletter, Cis?

I'll bet it's in addition to, Theresa.

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - farnfam - 11-03-2009

It was the C@H eRecipe dated 10-29. I think I can post a link if you need it.
Yup, Theresa, cilantro in addition to the basil (I used the red kind from my Aerogarden ) I chopped the herbs and peanuts together in a mini chopper.
I'm thinking this would work with boneless pork chops too.
It's the kind of recipe you can easily tweak.
And a Lo Mein style side would work as well as the rice did

Re: Tuesday Dinner - Nov. 3rd - Gourmet_Mom - 11-03-2009

I'm slacking these days. I have not been planning dinner ahead, and coming up with ideas in the car on the way home is tough. Tonight is a Baked Penne with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Cheese and sides of salad and garlic bread (focaccia).

BTW, Vicci, this is a Cooking Light recipe. It's super simple and very yummy. I must confess I cheat and add more cheese...DUH!