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Meat Grinders? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-05-2009

Okay, last night, I told William I had decided on HIS Christmas present...a meat grinder. I know, really sneaky to get an extra present for me, but I think he'll really enjoy this. The freezer is already bursting with venison. He butchers it by hams, shoulders, and tenderloins. That takes a LOT of room. When the freezer gets full, he starts giving it away...regretting it later in the winter. SO, what I NEED is advice on what to look for.

As I mentioned in the dinner thread, he suggested we go back to Bass Pro Shop to purchase one we saw there, but I'm thinking those would be pricier than elsewhere. The advantage would be NO SHIPPING charges. I'm going to check a local restaurant supply store, but I don't think they carry this item. Here is the info I have gathered from Bass Pro Shop...bring on the advice!

"Our electric grinders are built to stringent standards so that performance and quality are a part of every unit, assuring you commercial quality in your kitchen. Each features an easy-to-clean stainless steel housing, grinder head, and auger. All units have 110 volts, permanently lubricated motor, all-metal gears, and a built-in circuit breaker. Other accessories include stainless steel coarse and fine plates, stainless knife, large-capacity stainless meat pan, 3 stuffing tubes, a stuffing spacer, a meat stamper, and a heavy-duty handle. Combine this with a 2-year warranty (the best in the industry) and you have the best grinders available.

#5 - $249.99
#22 - $499.99 ($439.94 SALE)
#8 $299.99 $249.94 SALE
#12 $399.99 ($349.94 SALE)
#32 $699.99 ($649.94 SALE)"

Re: Meat Grinders? - HomeCulinarian - 11-05-2009

Great idea for a gift for both of you! Can't help you out with any advice, though. My sisters take their venison to the local processor. Their sons both worked there and they know that they will get their own animal back from this place. Guess that's not always true.

Re: Meat Grinders? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-05-2009

Like you said, there is that chance you don't get your animal back. That kind of service is fairly new around here AND William prefers to handle his own meat. As you said, I think this is a great idea for Christmas! I get my own gifts and get to enjoy his, too...LOL! It's a win/win least for me!

Re: Meat Grinders? - Mare749 - 11-05-2009

Sounds like a great plan to me, Daphne, especially since you have all that venison in the freezer to use. I think you are wise for going with a big commercial type unit too, since you do have so much meat to work with.

Another suggestion I have is that you might want to get a good meat tenderizer as well. The man who butchers Ron's deer has an electric unit, so it's fast and makes the steaks fork tender.

Re: Meat Grinders? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-05-2009

Maryann, thanks for the info. When I read your post to William, he told me he had a guest Saturday who added some venison to the menu for lunch. He said the guest used a meat mallet (tenderizer side) to tenderize the meat. He said it was awesome! Off to search for this. Although, this would be easier to do by hand than the grinder...the price will dictate the necessity for this.

Re: Meat Grinders? - Mare749 - 11-06-2009

I noticed that they also have a meat wrapping unit. With the amount of meat you are going to be working with, it might also be a good investment. Gosh, William's gift keeps getting more and more expensive, doesn't it?

Re: Meat Grinders? - cjs - 11-06-2009

wouldn't I love to have this one. I do have the attachments to my K.A., but with the amount of sausage and burger I make at a time, this would sure be worth it.

Daphne, Roy is going to get mad at you!

Re: Meat Grinders? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-06-2009

Thanks a lot Maryann. Actually, I think I may get somebody to make a stand and see if I can buy the butcher paper from a restaurant supply.

Yes Jean, that's the one I'm talking about. So you think this would be a good one? I'm thinking the .35 HP would be the way to go while it's on sale. Tell Roy I haven't got it...YET! I've got to run the price by William first. I'll have to catch him at a weak moment.

Re: Meat Grinders? - Harborwitch - 11-06-2009

We have a store here called "Home of Economy" They had/have a really nice selection of meat prep equipment - great grinders, stuffers, etc. It's kind of a hunter, farmer, rancher, hardware, pet supply store. I got a killer deal on my apple peeler/corer/slicer there.

Bob and I love to get ourselves "joint" gifts that we can share. William's a lucky guy to have a wife that is so generous!

We're talking about getting ready for next year. A big chest freezer to fill with venison, lamb, beef, pork, etc. One of the silo's will be cleaned up and set up for curing and smoking. (We're gleaning unharvestable corn now for the smoker). Then Vicki and I are going to figure out a wood fired oven, and a greenhouse. Self sufficiency is the word!

Re: Meat Grinders? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-06-2009

"Self sufficiency is the word!" Yea, William is always talking about sustainable living! That's his goal, as well! We don't want to go crazy with it, but some of the ideals of this lifestyle appeal to us.

One problem is travel. If you have animals, you can't just take off. So far, we have a young couple that lives close to the farm that has volunteered to take care of the chickens if we take off...milking a cow and feeding a couple beef cows and some pigs may be a different story. We'll have to see....we're not quite to that point yet.

First, we need to see if this guide service business will work for an income. For that to work, I'm thinking the economy will have to improve quite a bit. How many people can afford to drop a couple hundred bucks on a hunting vacation right now?