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The Birthday Dinners - Review - cjs - 12-03-2009

I thought Dec. 2nd would never get here and then I completely forgot it - evidently Lorraine etal did too!

It's been so darn long, I can hardly remember the darn dinner!! good thing I wrote something up at the time.

Well, if I wrote something, I sure can't find it now! We did love the Winter Pork Stew and the fruit salad with it. Roy especially liked the Cheddar Johnnycakes, but I was a little behind him on these.

[Image: LorrainesDinner.jpg]
(maybe 'cause they looked burned! )
I gave everything, except the johnnycakes a 9 and them, maybe a 7.

The lasagna I had made before and since time was so limited in November, I didn't get it made again, but we really liked it the other times I've made it.

The stew, I'm sure will be a winter regular.

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - chef_Tab - 12-03-2009

I only made the stew. It was delicious and froze and reheated well. The only thing I can add is that it tastes exactly like my usual beef stew, which is a lot easier to make, so I will stick to my mom's method in the future.

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - labradors - 12-03-2009


I thought Dec. 2nd would never get here and then I completely forgot it - evidently Lorraine etal did too!



All reviews for November b'days will be due Monday, Dec. 7th (the first Monday in December). O.K. with everyone??

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - chef_Tab - 12-03-2009

Rob, stop mocking the crazy old ladies. We are quite happy in our own little time warp.

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - farnfam - 12-03-2009

Wait, yesterday Jean said it was 11/2, so I just changed the calendar on my computer to say the same

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - Mare749 - 12-03-2009

The Winter Pork Stew was wonderful. We had it a few times last winter and really enjoyed it, so this was good timing to have it again. It's an easy dish and has great flavor and what a nice change from beef stew. I thought the fruit salad was a great compliment as a side. Didn't make the johnnycakes because I knew Ron wouldn't like them. Can you believe that??? I just love any kind of cornbread, but he just doesn't care for it at all.

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - cjs - 12-03-2009

Oh my word, I really should just find a hole and climb in. Sorry, everyone for screwing you up! But, I'll tell you, we need to get on with our B'day lives, so Dec. 2nd is finally better than Dec. 7 anyway. has anyone else ever noticed how '7' and '2' look alike????

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - labradors - 12-03-2009


Dec. 2nd is finally better than Dec. 7

Except I never got to make the stew when I thought I would, and am cooking it TONIGHT! LOL!

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - cjs - 12-03-2009

(what the heck, just pretend it's still 11/2... )

Re: The Birthday Dinners - Review - Gourmet_Mom - 12-03-2009

Well, I'm more confused than anyone. I thought it was yesterday!

Okay, it’s been a while. (I knew I should have reviewed this when I made it!) But here goes.

I made the recipe just as written. I was tempted to sub rutabagas for the turnips, but I forged ahead. I’m glad I did. This is the first time in YEARS I’ve had turnips…hated them as a kid! They were always served pureed/mashed or a few cubed and added to the greens. I was really surprised. I LOVED them in this. I think it was the combination. Also, I have learned I really like parsnips! I had NEVER had them until recently and was delighted to learn how much I like them. I’m not sure I’m ready to serve either as a side alone…see my comments in the Turnip Gratin thread, but mixed with other root veggies…I’m really liking this. William is happy with this, since he LOVES turnips. Poor thing has always had to survive on family reunions/gatherings. I never served them….LOL!

This was a wonderful stew. I’m glad I had leftovers and will be making this again through the winter. As a matter of fact, we’re having it again this week (loins are on sale)! Yes, this would be fine with ANY cut of pork. I guess that was one sub I made…I used pork loin since that’s what I had in the freezer. It won’t matter what you use, the pork turns out so tender!

[Image: DSC03104.jpg]

Apparently , several members tried it and did mini reviews on nightly dinner threads. I wish I had paid closer attention back then. I wouldn’t have missed out on such a lovely stew for a whole year!

As for the Fall Fruit Salad, it was a nice light change and a perfect side for the stew. I liked the Cheddar Johnny Cakes, but William was expecting more cheddar.

FINAL REVIEW: We give the stew at least a 9, the salad an 8, and the bread a 7 (but probably a 9 with more cheese). Good choices Lorraine!

I made the 8 layer Lasagna a while ago, but had thought I'd get to it again. Then promptly forgot it. After yesterday's fiasco, I looked to see this would be posted on the 7th and thought I would TRY to make it again this weekend for pictures and a fresh review. OOPS!!! But this dish is VERY easy to remember. I made THIN pasta "sheets and used two overlapping per layer and measured out the ingredients so that I had eight layers. I remember there was not much filling in each layer, but with that much filling, it was plenty in the end. We really liked this and will make it again. It's something that the different layers could be made ahead and stored in separate containers. Then assemble on the day of baking OR assemble and bake the next day. It also froze beautifully! The layers lifted out and stayed stacked nicely. We gave this one a 9 also!

(BTW, Jean, the Johnny Cakes are similar to how we make cornbread at my house….see Chef’s Journey Home. Of course there is no baking soda or cheese, and water is used instead of buttermilk/milk. I think this was probably an economical substitution…Ma Ma raised 6 kids through the depression. Use a medium grind corn meal…we use white, but I think yellow will work, also. The texture should be about the same as the Johnny Cakes. Use shortening to fry.)