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Yo Bill! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-07-2009

You're up! So tomorrow night is the party. What's the menu? Are we getting pictures? Tell us all about it, please!

Re: Yo Bill! - DFen911 - 12-07-2009

**sits next to Daphne and gives Bill the look**

Re: Yo Bill! - Old Bay - 12-08-2009

OK-party for 50+ Tues. and another for 50+ on Saturday-everything is home made except the obvious and the New York Peppered Ham from Bergers in Missouri. Wonderful and reasonable.

Classic caviar with shaved eggs, onion, creme fraiche, with blinis
Shrimp Moruno--(grilled S/W Shrimp)
Smoked Salmon Puffs
Mini Crab Cakes with caper sauce
Bacon leek cheddar quiche
Sweet & sour meatballs
Ranch wings/blu cheese dip
Italian stuffed mushrooms
Golden Greeks (filo w/ chicken & soy, etc)
Green Chili Cheesecake/ Papaya salsa
Mediterranean Salsa with pita
Avacado Pate
Salami Cornicopias
Roquefort grapes
Pepperd ham with herb cheese bisquits
Hatch chili cookies,
Pecan sandies
Black Forest Tartlets
Rum balls
Key lime tarts
Cappucinno Brownies with chocolate coffee beans

If anything appeals to you, let me know and I'll post the recipe--next week!!
Believe it or not we are having a good time.

Re: Yo Bill! - DFen911 - 12-08-2009

Avacado Pate
Roquefort grapes

For me please

Re: Yo Bill! - labradors - 12-08-2009

Bacon leek cheddar quiche
Green Chili Cheesecake/ Papaya salsa
Salami Cornicopias
Hatch chili cookies

Por favor.

Re: Yo Bill! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-08-2009

WOW! What a spread! I wish I worked for you guys! Bill and Jane, I have never heard of such a magnificent spread...ever! You guys are great! I hope you are appreciated NEARLY as much.

Now for the good stuff. I did get a LOT of ideas from your list that I could use, so THANKS for that, but there are a few that don't quite explain themselves. They sure do sound intriguing, though. SOOOOO...You offered, I'm hurry for sure. I'm boggled by the fact you're having fun! You must have a LOT of good help. So take a nap or two after Saturday's party, but when you recover.....

Here's a few I'd love to see: (Heck, with all that, I hate to ask, but I will.)

Golden Greeks (filo w/ chicken & soy, etc) (never heard of them, but I'm betting there's goat cheese or feta in there...must see)
Green Chili Cheesecake/ Papaya salsa (I'm thinking of expanding)
Mediterranean Salsa with pita (Feta again?)
Avacado Pate (Denise asked also)
Salami Cornicopias (I'm thinking this could be stuffed with lots of stuff)
Roquefort grapes (Denise asked also)


Re: Yo Bill! - Lorraine - 12-08-2009

What a great sounding menu. I'd love the recipe for the Black Forest tartlets.

Re: Yo Bill! - cjs - 12-08-2009

Looks like a great menu, Bill & Jane. Love to be there to have fun with you both in the kitchen!

Re: Yo Bill! - BarbaraS - 12-08-2009

Wow!! What a menu!! I hope you have a great time!!


Re: Yo Bill! - Harborwitch - 12-08-2009

Bill, I'm very sorry but I'm afraid we won't make it Saturday.LOL Bad travel week. The menu sounds terrific! Lucky employees.

I'll second all the recipe requests - especially the Hatch Chile Cookies!