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Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - cjs - 12-20-2009

Are we all eating lightly these last few days before the gorging begins???? We sure are.

We're having Vicci's Bourbon Salmon and some rice.
Plus, we're giving away the last of the goodies I made today, saving a couple for dessert tonight.

What are you all up to?

Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-20-2009

William requested pizza and salad. I don't know what's with me and salmon, lately. We had it on a regular basis for a while, but now I have no taste for it.

Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - DFen911 - 12-20-2009

I only know the dessert. Wine braised pears with vanilla cream and toasted hazelnuts.

Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - cjs - 12-20-2009

have you made the Reuben pizza yet Daphne???

or better yet, the Gorgonzola and Beef for William?????

Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-20-2009

No, every time I make corned beef, we eat it all. I promised myself that next time I'll make two.

And William has eaten all the blue cheese. I should be going to the city this week to pick up cheeses for Thursday night. I'll get extra! He requested sausage for tonight.

Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - DFen911 - 12-20-2009

Ok figured out dinner. Grilled chicken panini's with sundried tomatoes and basil.

Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - BarbaraS - 12-20-2009

Just some tortellini with meatballs and Caesar salad.

The Morrocan ribs were awesome again last night, but hubby couldn't sleep and blamed the spices, which I can believe. Has anyone done this recipe without the cumin/tumeric/ginger/cinnamon?


Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - pjcooks - 12-20-2009

Just a roasted chicken, rolls and peas. Snowed here all day, and snowy days and roasted chicken go hand in hand, to me.


Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - NathanB - 12-20-2009

I got a deal on a prime grade rib roast from a buddy who works at a restaurant food distributor, so I'm making prime rib with au jus, grilled presciutto wrapped asparagus and crispy baked potatoes. A 7 pound roast is kind of silly for 3 people, but I'm sure I can make use of the leftovers. Mmmm cheese steak.

I probably should be eating light, but what the hell, it's the holidays. And it's snowy here too, so yeah, plenty of good excuses.

Re: Sunday Dinner - 12/20?? - labradors - 12-20-2009

Tonight, I added some panko and a lot of garlic powder to some ground chicken, fried that up as burgers. Then I mixed some sweet and sour sauce (the brand I use - Pearl River Bridge - is more liquid, not thick with a bunch of corn starch) into some mayonnaise and used that to top the burgers.