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Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2009

Okay, so I bought all this cheese for Christmas party platter and have LOTS leftover. I've got parm, blue, goat, manchego, mozz, gruyere, Cabot white cheddar....I think that's all. Anyway, I've never made mac and cheese from scratch since I don't eat it. But now that I've discovered that I like white cheese, I'm thinking of making this:

[Image: 4205472714_ec3c1c37b5.jpg]

Since it has lots of onions and bacon in it, I'm thinking it would be a good starter for me. So the question is, which 4 cheeses would you choose to put in this? She uses parm, fontina, gruyere, and goat cheese in the original recipe.

One more thing...I'm thinking of subbing prosciutto (didn't do one of the appies that called for this) for the bacon...whatcha think?

Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - labradors - 12-26-2009

Parm, Bleu, Mozz and Goat would probably be the best blend. I'd save the others (especially the Manchego) for other uses.

Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - Old Bay - 12-26-2009

I like the white cheddar, Mozz, gruyere, and grated parm for flavor.

Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - pjcooks - 12-26-2009

I'd use a combo of all, except the blue, and just a little of the goat cheese. I usually always make my mac and cheese with what I've got on hand. And go for the prosciutto, as long as your audience likes it, I've done that in the past.


Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2009

As much as I like blue cheese, I think I'm going to have to go with Bill's blend. I think it's closest to the original recipe. This IS my first mac and cheese, after all. I'm afraid the blue cheese may just be too much. But then with the ham-y flavor of the proscuitto, the blue would really taste good. GEEZ!

Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - BarbaraS - 12-26-2009

When I make Macs n Cheese, I use Cabot's Seriously Sharp or the Cabots in the black wax skin I get at Whole Foods.

I would like to see what your Cabots, mozz, gruyere, and blue cheese would taste like!!


Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - cjs - 12-26-2009

"I'd use a combo of all, except the blue, and just a little of the goat cheese." I'm with PJ on this one

Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2009

I forgot one...I also have Swiss...the good stuff! I'm going with a blend of all except the blue.

I am going to have so much fun this week playing with cheese. I already have Jean's ham quiche marked for later and the pizza for tomorrow! I have LOTS of cheese..several pounds of each actually! You should see the HUGE block of manchego I got that is hardly touched! (Sorry, Labs....I wish there was some way to share it with you!) YUMMY!

BTW, Jean, do you think the prosciutto would work in place of the ham for this...or should I use a regular sweet ham? Also, should I use my prime rib for the pizza, or my leftover (1/4 pound) of pastrami and save the prime rib for something else?

Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2009

My goodness, but this was good! My cheese sauce was more tan than white...why waste all the yummy flavor from frying the prosciutto and caramelizing the onions? I can't wait to try it with bacon, but the prosciutto was mighty tasty!

Re: Cheese, Cheese, Cheese - esgunn - 12-26-2009

Daphne, It is amazing the difference good cheese makes. Recipes can be very different using a good cheese, even something as basic as quesadillas or nachos. When cheese is the star - use the good stuff!