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Cuisine Light????? - cjs - 12-28-2009

Wow, what perfect timing! Came home to the new issue (#79) of C@H and the cover is advertising another special book - Cuisine Light. 80 new recipes all under 400 cal - no mention of fat/cholesterol tho (on the cover anyway).

Re: Cuisine Light????? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-28-2009

Geez! And here I've JUST gotten the Slow Cooker earred darn near half the book, too! Guess I'll mix it up a little. William won't have a thing to say about me getting THIS one, I bet.

Re: Cuisine Light????? - foodfiend - 12-28-2009

Thanks for mentioning it, Jean. I haven't bought a new cookbook in a couple of months and this sounds like a good one.

Re: Cuisine Light????? - cjs - 12-29-2009

I ended up giving my copy of the SlowCooker one to my granddaughter (with her new slowcooker), so I'm s.o.l. Guess I'll order both.

By the way, there are a few interesting recipes in the new issue -
Five-Jewel-Rice-Stuffed Chix breast w/hot sour sauce
Peruvian Grilled Chix w/tomato rice
Sausage & Fennel Orzotto

I'll probably have to try at least these three. (geez, can't count either )

Re: Cuisine Light????? - Mare749 - 12-29-2009

Those do sound like good recipes. I just got my new issue yesterday, so will have to go check it out.

I like the sound of Cuisine Light. Think I'll be ordering that one.

Re: Cuisine Light????? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-29-2009

I guess I need to go to the PO.

Re: Cuisine Light????? - HomeCulinarian - 12-29-2009

I'm going to look for the Cuisine Light at Sam's in the next couple of weeks and get it there. I'm trying the beef and orange stir fry tonight. Also thought the Moussaka, Five-Jewel-Rice-Stuffed chicken breasts, Greek Egg-Lemon Soup, and Suquet sounded good to me.

Re: Cuisine Light????? - Roxanne 21 - 12-29-2009

WWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA----I'm still waiting for Issue 78!!! Having trouble with the change of postal address with the powers to be----I JUST KNOW that this will be resolved sooner than later!!!

Gotta look at the Cuisine Light issue----thanks for the heads up on that!!!

Re: Cuisine Light????? - chef_Tab - 12-29-2009

Last week I noticed Sams just started selling the slow cooker book, so hopefully this light cook book is not far behind!

Re: Cuisine Light????? - esgunn - 01-06-2010

Just thought I'd mention that I picked up this book at Costco tonight. Looked at Sam's yesterday, but they did not have it yet. It looks great! A lot of recipes I am interested in making. Thought I should start and the beginning and just work through it. Only a couple that look familiar, or they are lightened up versions.

Can't wait to get into it more - wish hubby was home so I could cook for him.