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Incredible Gift Certificate!! - cjs - 12-31-2009

Wow, I received an incredible gift certificate and of course, had to spend it right away!!! Finally going to have a nice meat slicer - this is the one I bought.

No way in h*ll I could have justified buying this one without the certificate. I'm so excited for the 8th of January to get here and I can play with it. Now my bacon will be sliced properly! and pizza toppings.

Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - Harborwitch - 12-31-2009

You are so going to love that slicer. So many fun things to do with it - slicing corn on the cob; however is not recommended.

Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-31-2009

Wow, that's really cool! But I hope to one up you when I get my grinder in February! Hopefully, the smoke house will be finished by then. He's promised!

Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - BarbaraS - 12-31-2009

Cool Tool Alert!!

Wow, that's awesome!


Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - DFen911 - 01-01-2010

Wow that is nice!!! You can get whole cuts of meat and slice to exactly what you want Cheeses too.

BTW my slicer saved my arm when I had to slice 16 baguettes for appetizer and they had to be about 1/8 of a inch thick. Freeze them partially first and it's a breeze

Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - chef_Tab - 01-01-2010

That is so nice Jean! Funny, I just watched the Seinfeld episode where Kramer buys one so he can always have fresh cold cuts. I would love to have one some day.

Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - HomeCulinarian - 01-01-2010


Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - luvnit - 01-02-2010

Oh how fun! I would love to have one. My parents had one when I was growing up. I was never allowed to use it, but was fascinated when my dad sliced meat. It was paper thin for sandwiches. I bet there is a lot you could use them for. You will have so much fun.

Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - Lorraine - 01-04-2010

Have fun with it, jean! He's been itching to buy one.

Re: Incredible Gift Certificate!! - cjs - 01-09-2010

It came a day early, but didn't get a chance to play with it until this morning. Oh Lordie, it's all I wanted and more!!! It cut thru the bacon like butta.....

[Image: slicedbacon.jpg]

so of course, we had to complete the testing....
[Image: SerranoBrSugarBacon.jpg]
a little brown sugar and serrano topping...oh my, now I'm going thru the freezer to see what all I can slice.