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Where is Cis?!?! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-02-2010

I know she was traveling over the holiday, but isn't she home by now? The weather was just talking about the "feet" of snow expected up her way and PJ's. I've caught her on here now and then but few if any posts. I hope she doesn't have to travel in this weather.

WHERE ARE YOU CIS? ARE YOU OKAY? Are you at least safely home?

(And yes, I DO remember my absence last spring...but we do worry, don't we? )

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - cjs - 01-03-2010

I'm sure she'll check in when she can...but, we do worry.

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - Mare749 - 01-03-2010

I was just wondering the same thing. She should be back home by now. Think I'll be making an overdue phone call...
Will let you all know.

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-03-2010

Thanks Maryann! She had been checking in off and on from what I can tell. I kept thinking she'd check in and see this. Maybe she just hasn't been on since I posted this. I hope that's all it is.

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - iBcookin - 01-04-2010

I would imagine she is digging out. Interstate 90 was shut down yesterday from the Ohio to NY state lines. We are dealing with at least 24" (if not more) of snow over the last 2 days. We were getting a couple inches an hour yesterday.

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - farnfam - 01-04-2010

Sorry I've been MIA for a bit. I got this toothache before we left and it just got worse. Finally realized it was an abscess. Had to do almost two weeks of antibiotic before it was calmed down enuff to pull. Just had it pulled this morning. Needless to say, haven't felt like eating at all, and so, not much cooking either.
Next step now is to find a decent oral surgeon and begin the process of getting an implant.
Feeling pretty sore as of right now, looks like it'll be an Ibuprofen day.
Thanks for caring you guys (wish they had a smile with a hole in it LOL)

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - cjs - 01-04-2010

Oh, poor Cis - hopefully you'll be feeling better now real soon!!

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - chef_Tab - 01-04-2010

Awww, Cis, wish we were closer so I could help you out. I know how awful it is to have tooth pain. Glad the worst is over. I am sure Lola is giving you lots of love, does she have a nurses costume? teehee.

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - labradors - 01-04-2010

Ouch! Here's hoping things will improve quickly, now that the bad tooth is gone.

Re: Where is Cis?!?! - Mare749 - 01-04-2010

Yuk, that's not a fun way to spend the holidays! Hope you are feeling better soon, and glad you checked in. Isn't it nice to know you are missed?