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Breakfast Strudel #48 12/04 - pink_eagle - 01-05-2010

Hi all. I am searching high and low for that great brunch recipe. I have the recipe itself (scrambled eggs, hash browns, ham, etc.) wrapped in braided puff pastry. Problem I am having is don't have complete directions to prepare and hold over-night to bake next day. I threw out the issue long ago but kept the recipe in my files--unfortunately prep instructions not complete.

Can anyone help me--know some have access to old database here. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Breakfast Strudel #48 12/04 - jend - 01-05-2010

Try this link

Re: Breakfast Strudel #48 12/04 - Gourmet_Mom - 01-05-2010

Hi pink eagle and jend! Welcome back!

Pink eagle, if you don't think these directions will work for you, let me/us know. I have that issue and would be glad to type them up for you tomorrow afternoon, if somebody else doesn't get to it before me.

BTW, there is a video on how to do this in the Online Extras section of the C@H website....if this helps.

Re: Breakfast Strudel #48 12/04 - cjs - 01-05-2010

Madeline, since you do have the recipe, I won't type all that, but there really aren't any specific instructions to prepping it and holding overnight. This is what the sidebar says -

"The strudels can be quickly assembled fresh, but it is possible to prepare them ahead of time - even the night before! For that very reason, a little orange juice is added to the eggs. The vitamin C helps preserve their color."

So, I guess wrapping it up and storing in the fridge is the way for you to go for ahead of time.

Re: Breakfast Strudel #48 12/04 - pink_eagle - 01-05-2010

Thanks for the help all. Guess that's why I didn't record anything special about the "make-ahead" feature. Guess there's a good reason to keep the actual article but trying to keep the household cluter down. Again, thanks.