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New Wine Show? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-09-2010

Jody just mentioned seeing an advertisement...not sure about the network, probably Food Network...for a new show called "Wine Conessuires", or something like that. It's where average people, who love wine, compete or learn about creating wine blends from harvest to bottling. He wasn't sure about details. Has anybody seen anything about this. It sounds like a show I need to watch.

Re: New Wine Show? - Harborwitch - 01-09-2010

Sounds like fun to me. Of course I'm not sure if we can effectively grow grapes here. But I know Bob will love it. Please keep us posted.

Re: New Wine Show? - HomeCulinarian - 01-09-2010

Sounds like fun, but I'm only about drinking wine made by others!!!

Re: New Wine Show? - cjs - 01-10-2010

Sharon, I think I'm correct in saying wine is made in every state in the union.

Might be interesting...

Re: New Wine Show? - labradors - 01-10-2010

Something different: here, the popular wines that are usually home made are from hibiscus or pineapple. VERY tasty!

Also, in 2009, the seedless red grapes from Chile were especially (and consistently) wonderful, so I can imagine that the wine connoisseurs will eventually be saying what a "very good year" 2009 was for Chilean wines. Probably worth keeping an eye out for them.

Re: New Wine Show? - cjs - 01-10-2010

Chilean wines. - they've done a pretty good job the last few years, in our opinion.