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Billy's Avatar is Back! - cjs - 01-10-2010

Thanks to Labs, I was able to redo Billy's avatar, so we don't have to see that darn blank when one of his posts comes up. Thanks Labs.

Re: Billy's Avatar is Back! - Harborwitch - 01-10-2010

Thank you thank you thank you both. I miss seeing that little mug. Hate that blank screen.

Re: Billy's Avatar is Back! - labradors - 01-10-2010

Jean, thank YOU for doing this. You found the picture, got it to me and then put it into Billy's profile. All I did was to put it into ImageShack.

Definitely much better having that avatar back, instead of that "not found" marker from PhotoBucket. In theory, ImageShack won't delete the image as long as it's viewed at least once a year, so as long as people continue to view threads that contain messages from Billy, that avatar should stay there.

Re: Billy's Avatar is Back! - cjs - 01-10-2010

...and I can't imagine us not seeing him countless times a year!

Re: Billy's Avatar is Back! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-10-2010

Thank you Jean and Labs! I have missed that little face, also. Maybe now, when I see one of his posts, I'll be able to smile a little, instead of feeling so sad.

Re: Billy's Avatar is Back! - luvnit - 01-13-2010

That is great, great news!

Re: Billy's Avatar is Back! - Old Bay - 01-13-2010

Here, Here, Labs--very good job. This is a special forum. The loss of a friend is a final thing, but not a complete thing. Memories do not die here. It's not only Billy's cookbook that lives on.