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CuisineLite - Ennui - 01-16-2010

I picked up CuisineLite at Costco for $6.88. The recipes are mouthwatering.

Btw, if you use TurboTax, it's marked $49.95 on the shelves but they take $10 off at the cash register. I believe they were in the sales booklet but we neglected to cut out the coupon.

Re: CuisineLite - chef_Tab - 01-16-2010

I grabbed the Cuisine Lite and Slowcooker at Sams. Costco is about 2 hrs from here, but we are ordering turbotax thru costco online. I miss having Costco right down the street. Lots of good looking ideas in the Lite book, I just got it today and only thumbed thru.

Re: CuisineLite - foodfiend - 01-16-2010

THANK YOU! I had received an offer on this book for $10 (free shipping) and it was on my list of things to do. Again, procrastination has paid off!!!

Re: CuisineLite - Gourmet_Mom - 01-16-2010

I'm hoping to pick this up tomorrow. I need to cook from this exclusively for the next few weeks! I have GOT to stop with the high calorie dinners!

Re: CuisineLite - Ennui - 01-17-2010

Oh Daphne, so do I. I've been playing at dieting but each year I gain. This can't go on!

Re: CuisineLite - cjs - 01-17-2010

I agree, the recipes in the book look interesting and tasty - first one tonight and then onwards - with a few from the slow cooker one thrown in here and there.

Madmax says the Cowboy beans in the slow cooker book is great. And the Chili Chicken Verde - also very good.

Re: CuisineLite - Gourmet_Mom - 01-17-2010

I KNEW there was something in town I needed to get! DANG IT! Oh well, I think I'm going to Southport tomorrow, so I'll pick it up at the Lowe's there.

Re: CuisineLite - Dismc - 01-17-2010

Review===I made the Beef Stew tonight. Can only rate a 6 but know the changes I think should be made. First, way too much thyme. Instead of 1 Tbs I

I think 1 teasp would be better. The thyme was overpowering. Also I'd season the flour with salt and pepper before browning. I always do that but really
followed the recipe this time. We also added a little Franks's hot sauce to round it nout and a little more Worcestershire. With the changes I'd definitely make it again, maybe rate it a 8n 1/2.

Re: CuisineLite - Dismc - 01-18-2010

Well, if I could remember how to edit my last post I would. Can you tell I was typing in the dark last night? Forgive the bad posting job.

Re: CuisineLite - cjs - 01-18-2010

I'll note your suggestions on the recipe - thanks Shannon.