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My First Mushroom Foray - piano226 - 01-17-2010


Yesterday I joined Santa Cruz Fungus Federation and went on my first foray. All I can tell you is that it was amazingly fun experience and I cannot wait for the next one in two weeks. I took a few pictures. The first one is of the mushrooms I pickled yesterday. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are the mushrooms we are eating today for dinner.

Re: My First Mushroom Foray - mjkcooking - 01-17-2010

What a great adventure - I would love to go on a foray - In the Midwest

where I come from - Everyone had there favorite spot to get the Morels

We had lots of other types but I didn't know of anyone well versed in the

different types - so I never picked them.

I find the Morels in the Spring time at Pike Place Market now for $25.00 a

pound. We used to find so many we would give them away.

Enjoy your catch.


Re: My First Mushroom Foray - farnfam - 01-18-2010

OH MY! How I would love to have access to stuff like that.
Be sure to let us know all the different ways you cook them too

Re: My First Mushroom Foray - Harborwitch - 01-18-2010

Boy, mention mushrooms, especially morels, here. I am going to have to figure out if we have morels here. Yummmm.

Re: My First Mushroom Foray - piano226 - 01-18-2010


Well I pickled one platter and the leader of the group told us to just saute the rest in some butter or butter substitute, so thats what I did. There were delicious.

Re: My First Mushroom Foray - cjs - 01-18-2010

Oh my, don't those just look delicious!! I'm so envious, Marina. There is quite a mushroom society up here and we should really look into joining them and learning.

Re: My First Mushroom Foray - labradors - 01-18-2010

How cool! I wouldn't try to foray around here, but I've been tempted to try growing my own, using this information, but just haven't tried it yet. Now I'm tempted even more!

Re: My First Mushroom Foray - piano226 - 01-18-2010

Anybody that has a fungus federation in their area should try going on a foray. The guys were incredible, knew every mushroom out there and their habitat and how to identify them. There was kind of a funny scene one of the people brought this kind of a pink/red mushroom (you can see it on my picture), and I knew it was edible mushroom and I remember picking a ton of them and my grandmother pickling them, so the leader of the group says...well this is rosalea mushroom and there is two types one has a very peppery taste and one does not, we as americans do not eat the peppery kind but if you get a russian or other slavic in your group give it to them, they pickle them and love them. And I went...YEP better believe it.