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Round Bacon - Harborwitch - 01-18-2010

On another forum someone directed me to a meat market in Valley City, North Dakota to find some of my meat needs that our local butcher shop won't supply.

I think I mentioned that I happily came home with my pork belly and "round" bacon. We tried the bacon this morning - it was good - not as good as home smoked, but good.

Thought I'd share.

[Image: DSCN4002_edited.jpg]

It wanted to curl up in the pan - so I wrapped the bottom of another pan in foil and put it on top. That worked.
[Image: DSCN4006_edited.jpg]

The bacon came out nice and crisp,and made really good egg sammies on home made english muffins. I was really surprised that there was less than a teaspoon of fat in the pan.
[Image: DSCN4009.jpg]
So, this has me wondering if we couldn't do the same thing, stuffing chopped bacon into a big sausage casing and ??? I'd smoke it again, but who knows.

Re: Round Bacon - Gourmet_Mom - 01-18-2010

What an interesting product! Looks yummy, Sharon!

Re: Round Bacon - DFen911 - 01-18-2010

Sharon I'm sure you wanted to curl up in the pan...who wouldn't with good product but I'm sure glad you didn't

Looks really yummy btw!! MmMmMm bacon

Re: Round Bacon - labradors - 01-18-2010

To stop it from curling up in the pan, maybe you could do what works for regular bacon: bake it at 350F on a baking sheet lined with baking paper or parchment instead of broiling or frying it.

Re: Round Bacon - IcyMist - 01-18-2010

Yummmmmm bacon. But round bacon would not go well with my square eggs.

[Image: squareEgg.jpg]

Re: Round Bacon - labradors - 01-18-2010

Why not? Wouldn't there be a certain feng shui about it? Of course, you'd probably need triangular toast to complete the set.

Hmmmm... Another interesting option would be to twist regular bacon into a Möbius Strip. LOL!

Re: Round Bacon - IcyMist - 01-18-2010

[Image: lol5.gif]
[Image: lol5.gif]
[Image: lol5.gif]

Re: Round Bacon - cjs - 01-19-2010

Kind of interestng - I was going to suggest baking it also to keep the curling down, that and cut into the rind here and there - but you know all that.

What is it? pressed pork? looks almost like round spam.

Re: Round Bacon - Harborwitch - 01-19-2010

Jean it's chopped bacon forced into a large sausage casing and then formed.

I'm so spoiled by our triple smoked (did I mention saving and drying your corn cobs for smoking?) bacon - this was kind of flat bacony flavor. I am seriously thinking about trying it and then smoking that whole thing.

Re: Round Bacon - cjs - 01-19-2010

"did I mention saving and drying your corn cobs for smoking?)" yes, or heard it somewhere, but haven't done it - how much corn can we eat?? I love keeping the cobs for Kelly's corn stock. decisions, decisions.