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My day off! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-18-2010

Today I went to Southport to get blood work done for my annual physical next Monday. While there, I spent some time with Mom. She took me out to lunch, and I thought I'd share. The chef came out and discussed cooking lessons she's starting up, including wine pairings late in February. She was trained in Europe and has worked in the US at various restaurants. She and her husband moved to Southport recently and purchased "The Pharmacy" in the historic downtown area...beautiful place with brick walls, etc. Her lunch menu was very nice with a variety of choices. She takes pride in presentation...every plate I saw come out was well plated. Two people next to us ordered sandwiches and wraps which were HUGE...they took home half of each.

The waitress was well versed in describing the dishes, especially the specials for the day. That's what we chose from. We decided to split one entree and I got a bowl of soup and Mom got a cup...Here's what we had: (pay attention Labs) A Roasted Portabella soup topped with fresh parmesan cheese, a generous serving of the quiche of the day- shitake mushrooms, mozzarella, tomato, and bacon with a side salad of spring mix and chopped tomatoes with a raspberry vinaigrette. We were also served half a French bread baguette. It was all VERY good! I am so glad to have access to a nice restaurant with a well trained and talented chef.

After leaving the restaurant, we went to tackle some boxes at her house. She recently remodeled and the house is a disaster...boxes stacked EVERYWHERE! I came home with around 60-100 cookbooks. A lot will go to Ashley, but there looks to be quite a few treasures in there, including a couple of my grandmother's and my missing Charleston Receipts! It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed spending time with Mom!

Re: My day off! - Mare749 - 01-18-2010

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us, Daphne. You are so fortunate to still have your mom. Cherish every moment, although I'm sure you already do! Sounds like a really nice lunch and it immediately made me think that maybe we'll have to go play in Southport when we get together in June.

Sounds like you got a gold mine in cookbooks. What fun!

Re: My day off! - - 01-18-2010

What a wonderful time you had, Daphne. I am sure that your mom enjoyed your visit. So glad that you enjoyed the restaurant fare. It sounds like a lovely place. Boy, that's a lot of cookbooks!!!!!!!

Re: My day off! - Harborwitch - 01-18-2010

I love it, in my experience you go for the physical, they take the blood, and you never find out whats up. Great that they do the blood first.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your Mom. The lunch sounds fantastic.

Re: My day off! - Old Bay - 01-18-2010

Really a nice day with your mom--keep her as long as you can. I'm an orphan.
Jane would kill anybody that took her Party Receipts!!!

Re: My day off! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-18-2010

Bill, if it hadn't been my own mother.....But I've got it back now. She's had it for over 10 years!!!!! You can bet I won't be letting it out of my site again, that's for sure! This is the Party Receipts...does Jane have that one? It has the most interesting, unique appetizers. My regular book is safely on the shelf. Maybe I'll take that one down and cook from the two this winter.

Sharon, the discussion of my blood work is the main part of my visit. I like that. I can't imagine not knowing. I'll be grilled by my husband and mother about my numbers, so I always write everything down. I'm just happy to know this isn't high and this is, but they want numbers...LOL!

Re: My day off! - labradors - 01-18-2010

I heard that, Daphne! Sounds great with all those mushrooms.

Re: My day off! - Old Bay - 01-18-2010

I just corrected my post--it is Party Receipts by the Charleston Jr. League.

Re: My day off! - IcyMist - 01-18-2010

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I hope you have many many more good times with your mom. There is nothing better than the good memories. I keep thinking that I will see my mom come into the kitchen or outside with my dog with a smile on her face.

Re: My day off! - cjs - 01-19-2010

"You are so fortunate to still have your mom. Cherish every moment, although I'm sure you already do!' - Maryann said it for me...God, I miss my mom. Great day for you both, Daphne.