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Brisket! - labradors - 01-19-2010

One of the specialities of my restaurant friend is beef ribs, and they are very flavourful AND very tender, so I asked him where he had been getting the beef. He took me there, the other day, and introduced me to the people who run the place. They're very friendly, and will cut whatever you like the way you want it, so I had them cut two 2 1/2-pound chunks of brisket (something I had never seen in Honduras until now). It was $1.85/lb.

Tonight, I braised one of those chunks so I could shred it and use it for sandwiches. Years ago, at one of our family clambakes, my dad had made some kind of hot sauce for brisket sandwiches, so I asked my parents how they had made that sauce, but they didn't remember. Instead, for my dinner sandwich, tonight, I used Marie Sharp's Green Habanero sauce, and that worked out beautifully. The brisket, itself was tender and very tasty, so it looks as though I have FINALLY found some decent beef, here, other than just that one cut from the supermarket that I had been using.

All of that is actually secondary, though, since the OTHER chunk is now soaking in the brine and spices to turn it into corned beef! If finding good beef here has been difficult, finding corned beef has been almost impossible. The only corned beef ANYWHERE in town is from the little (and very expensive) cans of Hormel corned beef. That's okay for an occasional sandwich, but certainly not for Corned Beef and Cabbage! Come the weekend, we'll see how it turns out. My restaurant friend wants to try it when it's ready, so if it's any good, maybe he'll want some for the restaurant - maybe even for St. Patrick's day (although that day is meaningless here).

The recipe I am using is from an article in The Birmingham (Alabama) News. which says it was adapted from Charcuterie.

Re: Brisket! - chef_Tab - 01-19-2010

I am excited for you Rob! I certainly understand how happy one can get when discovering something they have been denied for a while. It's like a kid getting a new toy. I will be interested in hearing how well the corned beef turns out. Enjoy!

Re: Brisket! - cjs - 01-19-2010

have fun - good for your neighborhood, expanding the food finds for you!!

Re: Brisket! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-19-2010

Oh, Labs, I am so happy for you! I can only imagine having to go without good beef for so long. Now, to not only find some beef, but a beef source for anything you want at what appears to be a reasonable price...FANTASTIC!

Good luck with the corned beef.

Re: Brisket! - DFen911 - 01-19-2010

Wow both sound yummy. What fun to find something you haven't had in a while

Re: Brisket! - labradors - 01-23-2010

Hurray! Today is the day for taking the corned beef out of the brine and cooking it. I did this in the morning so I could have it for lunch, and it was delicious! Lunch was corned beef and cabbage, and I'll probably have that for dinner, too. I'm so glad this worked out.

Re: Brisket! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-23-2010


Re: Brisket! - labradors - 01-24-2010

One more note: this also made some great Corned Beef Hash for breakfast, this morning.

Re: Brisket! - cjs - 01-24-2010

Corned Beef Hash for breakfast, - yes!!

Re: Brisket! - chef_Tab - 01-24-2010

Sometimes I think I make corned beef and cabbage just so I can have corned beef hash! Yummy Rob, you are making me so hungry.