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Outing to the Big City - cjs - 01-21-2010

After we dropped my aunt off yesterday, and having a great bowl of chicken and rice soup, we headed to a shop Marye’s daughter, Jen, told her about and she passed along to me. Savour, in the Ballard district in Seattle – and oh my what a little shop it is!!!

They just opened in mid-December and carry all kinds of goodies besides a long deli case with cheeses, sausages, prepared lasagnas and related dishes and olives and of course oils and vinegars. And, some books! Naturally, one caught my eye – “Goat Cheese” by Maggie Foard and it’s a beautiful little book with dishes like, Morning Biscuits with Chevre and Meyer Lemon Jelly (with the recipe for the jelly, Denise!); Curried Crab Pancakes with Chevre and Quick Tomato & Apple Chutney; Red Lentil Soup with Peppery Feta Shortbread; Buffalo Feta Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries – I’ll stop now, but some really good sounding dishes.

They also offered Fra’Mani Salametto –

I picked up the salametto and salametto picante (chorizo) sausages. They are delicious!!

Stopped at Trader Joe’s also and picked up a new salad dressing – speaking of salad dressings as we were the other day. Cranberry-Walnut-Gorgonzola. As soon as we got home, we dipped our fingers in it to try and end up spoon tasting it – wow, is it good.

It was a grazing day, so came home and had the rest of our third of the banana pudding for dinner….

Marye, be sure to thank Jen for me (I think) for telling you about Savour!

Re: Outing to the Big City - Gourmet_Mom - 01-21-2010

Sounds like a fun day, Jean! I love the sound of that little cookbook. And those sausages....YUM! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Outing to the Big City - esgunn - 01-21-2010

Jean, I am going to have to remember that store if I get up in the Ballard area. Thanks for sharing. If you go again, you need to Larsens Bakery. Oh, the best danish bakery ever! I love the smorgaka and a the Kringle. MMMMmmmm.

Re: Outing to the Big City - cjs - 01-21-2010

Oh, crap - another dangerous place!! Thanks Erin.

Re: Outing to the Big City - Old Bay - 01-21-2010

Jean, I so envy you for your location in the Pacific NW, but also your proximity to Seattle--culinary heaven--we love it here in Texas, but as for culinary variety and experience I give us a 7 and you a 9&1/2. I'm saving my 10 for an experience I have not had yet!!!

Re: Outing to the Big City - mjkcooking - 01-22-2010

Jean so glad you liked this new place -

we are headed down tomarrow to the city to see the little ones.

should have some time to check out this new place and even the Larsen Bakery

and need some Chinese items -

I have been busy attending classes on Thai curry and a Chinese class

and tomarrow a.m. a Brunch class.


Re: Outing to the Big City - cjs - 01-22-2010

Thanks again for mentioning it, Marye - we sure had fun. We had a little speck in our salads last night, yum!

I agree Bill, Seattle does offer such a wealth of goodies from all over.

Re: Outing to the Big City - Mare749 - 01-22-2010

Now that's my kind of day, Jean! Sounds perfect. Think I'll have to get Ron out for a shopping and grazing day tomorrow. West Side Market here we come...

Re: Outing to the Big City - - 01-22-2010

Oh, that sounds like such a delightful day - and the book - sounds wonderful -

Re: Outing to the Big City - - 01-22-2010

Looks like we will be buying another book!!