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Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - cjs - 01-28-2010

Almost forgot again!! What are you all up to for dinner tonight??

We're having a movie/dinner date (a, not a menage....whatever ) Our friend Bill's widow is joining us to see the George Clooney movie and then stop somewhere for a bite.

Had Duck with Black Olives last night and was it ever good!! Duck pizza with the leftover.

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-28-2010

We're trying the stuffed butterflied chicken recipe from the other thread. I'm making steamed cabbage for a side, but may also add some mashed potatoes. I must think about got the stuffing, so.....HMMMM?

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - cjs - 01-28-2010

Looks like its you and me today, Daphne - everyone else is out and about, I guess. But, I'm off now to have an early glass of wine - my poor llittle fingers are typed down to nubs working on recipes. sigh....

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - chef_Tab - 01-28-2010

I am on my third recipe from the Lite cookbook tonight. It is the Thai Noodle Salad recipe and I am making fried tofu with it. I will let you all know how it turns out. It was supposed to be last nights dinner, but I got a migraine half way through the day so I ended up not cooking at all.

I really want to see that George Clooney movie too. I will have to wait for the DVD tho, cuz I hate movie theatres.

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - - 01-28-2010

Mister is making wings and things - trying new recipes in anticipation of SB day -

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-28-2010

Hey, Jean, look...not just us after all. BTW, I owe you an email....hopefully, this weekend. I'll pick up an extra steak for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I am so glad to hear somebody else say they don't care for movie theaters. I like wine with my movie...LOL! But I want to see that one also, Theresa. I'll be anxious to hear about that salad. I'm FINALLY picking up my copy of the publication this weekend!

Speaking of the Superbowl! We need to get a thread going! I KNOW I'll be watching! My team leader taught one of the coaches for the Colts and will be present for the game. (They have kept in contact all these years!) So if you see a very statuesque black lady, with a bodacious hat and dress suit on (In Colt colors, I'm sure!)'s her!!!!! She's a trip, and I love her!

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - Old Bay - 01-28-2010

We are going to our "21" Club dinner tonight--someone else is hosting--thank God--we need a nite off--don't know what they are serving, and don't care!!! We're leaving for the Dallas area tomorrow to play with grandkids and visit old friends--be back next Thursday!!

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-28-2010

Well, Bill, if it's a good one, I hope you'll share!

Have a safe trip and have a great time with the grands! What fun! We'll be here waiting for you next week!

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - HomeCulinarian - 01-28-2010

College boy leaves for a 6-month internship at Disney in Orlando on Saturday morning. We're having his "last meal" at home tonight. He requested rib eye steaks with sauteed mushrooms, salad and baked potato. Sounds good to me!

Re: Thursday Dinner - Jan 28th??? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-28-2010

Oh, Jeanette! What an awesome experience! Good luck to college boy/son! I like his dinner choice!