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New Astrological Signs - DFen911 - 02-02-2010

Did you all know the astrological calendar changed? There are now 13 signs and some of you may no longer be the sign you thought you were.

Capricorn - Jan 20 to Feb 16
Aquarius - Feb 16 to Mar 11
Pisces - Mar 11 to Apr 18
Aries - Apr 18 to May 13
Taurus - May 13 to Jun 21
Gemini - Jun 21 to Jul 20
Cancer - Jul 20 to Aug 10
Leo - Aug 10 to Sep 16
Virgo - Sep 16 to Oct 30
Libra - Oct 30 to Nov 23
Scorpius - Nov 23 to Nov 29
Ophiuchus - Nov 29 to Dec 17
Sagittarius - Dec 17 to Jan 20

Re: New Astrological Signs - mjkcooking - 02-02-2010

OK Denise have you been hitting the shooters again??

Now Really !


Re: New Astrological Signs - foodfiend - 02-02-2010

Maybe we can't blame the jello shooters this time! I found this:

The constellation, Ophiuchus, has been known since ancient times, and is better known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. Astrologers have not included Ophiuchus in the wheel of Astrological signs because the Sun spends only about nineteen days in this 13th sign of the Mazzaroth. Not that there wasn't a 13th sign in the Heavens, but as far as Astrologers were concerned, the Sun traveled from the constellation 'Scorpius' and then proceeded directly into the sign of Sagittarius. In reality, this was not the case. The Sun, for 19 days of the year, travels through the star constellation 'Ophiuchus' before entering Sagittarius from Scorpius

The signs of the Zodiac are for the most part, the highway, or path on which the Sun takes it's yearly journey across the heavens - as it would appear to Earthlings. These signs are actually star constellations occupying space in which the Sun appears to travels in an earth year. The original twelve signs/constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are quite familiar to everyone, however, the thirteenth sign and constellation, [Ophiuchus], is in fact, not well known. To acknowledge a 13th sign now would seem awkward for astrologers, who like the tidiness of 12 signs that rule over the 12 houses of the Zodiac. The heavens are alive and they do change after a few thousand years and the astrologer who wants to maintain accuracy must change along with the signs in the heavens.

So, I'm an Aries now????

Re: New Astrological Signs - labradors - 02-02-2010

Translation: "People aren't buying our false predictions any more, so we need to make up something that will sound plausible to the masses. If they are gullible enough to buy all the herbal cures and cleansing that people are hawking, they'll eventually come back around to us again, too."

Re: New Astrological Signs - HomeCulinarian - 02-02-2010

I'm refusing to change my sign! We can opt out, can't we?

Re: New Astrological Signs - Cubangirl - 02-02-2010

I like being Aquarius as well. If fits my personality better, so I am not switching.

Re: New Astrological Signs - Harborwitch - 02-02-2010

Always been a Leo, always will be it seems - no change! Leo's would not tolerate anyone messing with their sign!

Re: New Astrological Signs - cjs - 02-02-2010

No way I'm not a Gemini!!!!

Re: New Astrological Signs - DFen911 - 02-03-2010

Sharon so true! At least they knew to leave us alone.

Re: New Astrological Signs - Harborwitch - 02-03-2010

D@m straight! We're to special to mess with. Giggle