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Lunch in Medina - Harborwitch - 02-02-2010

Bob and I had to go into town and decided to stop into the Coffee Cup Cafe and have breakfast. Boy was it a treat!

The special of the day was "Fry Bread Tacos".

[Image: DSCN4070.jpg] This was fantastic (with a bunch of tabasco - seasonings aren't very spicy in the church ladies kitchen.) Bob and I both thought that a nice fried egg on top would have been great!

We were just sitting - savoring the feeling of happy tummys when the waitress appeared with two little styrofoam cups of their special ice cream . . . .

[Image: DSCN4071_edited.jpg]

Licorice Ice Cream!!!! Talk about a surprise treat - especially for someone (me! ) who can't stand licorice (but love Ouzo, Sambucca, etc.)

I think we're going to have to try making this - it was superb! I just hope this recipe works.

Licorice Ice Cream

* 6-8 oz. hollow licorice candy twists
* 3/4 c. sugar
* 1 T. cornstarch
* 1/4 t. salt
* 2 c. milk 1 pt. half-and-half (2 c.)
* 2 egg yolks
* 1/2 pt. whipping cream
* 1 t. anise extract

Place licorice twists in freezer for 2 hours before making ice cream. In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, cornstarch, and salt; stir in milk and 1 c. half-and-half. Stirring constantly, cook mixture over low heat about 5 minutes or until slightly thickened; remove from heat. In a small bowl the beat egg yolks. Gradually stir about 1 cup milk mixture into beaten egg yolks. Stir egg yolk mixture into remaining milk mixture. Stirring constantly, cook over low heat for 8 to 10 minutes until thickened and mixture coats a metal spoon.

Remove from heat; cool to room temperature. Add remaining half-and-half, whipping cream, and anise extract. Place frozen licorice candy in a heavy plastic bag. Using a meat mallet or hammer, crush licorice into small pieces. Do not add crushed licorice pieces to cream mixture until ready to freeze ice cream. Licorice pieces will dissolve if left standing for a long period in unfrozen cream mixture and chip effect will be lost. Add crushed licorice to cream mixture. Pour into ice cream canister. Immediately freeze in ice cream maker according to machine instructions. Store ice cream in home freezer for 1 to 3 hours until mixture is completely firm. Serve.

Re: Lunch in Medina - cjs - 02-02-2010

will sound good to Roy, I'm sure - I'm just not a fan either.

Re: Lunch in Medina - Harborwitch - 02-02-2010

Jean I could have made myself sick eating that stuff! It was like ouzo or sambucca - maybe I can play with that a bit.

Re: Lunch in Medina - - 02-02-2010

The taco looked like it would feed two! Looked delish -

Re: Lunch in Medina - Harborwitch - 02-02-2010

That was Bob's - he got the big one. It's just the frybread, some ground meat, lettuce, cheese, tomato, & very mild sauce.

Re: Lunch in Medina - labradors - 02-02-2010


Licorice Ice Cream

Oooh! Intriguing!

Re: Lunch in Medina - Dismc - 02-02-2010

Licorice..One of my favorite things. I can't wait to try this. Was just at the organic market this morning and saw some great looking licorice. Should have bought some.

Re: Lunch in Medina - Gourmet_Mom - 02-02-2010

The taco does look yummy, but like others, I'm not a fan licorice flavors of any kind either. Have fun! I hope it works!

Re: Lunch in Medina - Ennui - 02-02-2010

Wow, what a breakfast!

Re: Lunch in Medina - Harborwitch - 02-04-2010

I just have to correct myself - just in case anyone from Medina sees this - it was the Medina Cafe, not the Coffee Cup. Ooooooh big error.