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Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - labradors - 02-03-2010

The latest Epicurious newsletter was in my email, today, and it had what looks like a great reicpe AND set of video instructions for making Chinese Dumplings. What I liked about this presentation was that it also showed how to make the WRAPPERS, and it looks much simpler than I would have imagined. Of course, I'll leave out the shrimp, but that's not critical to something like this.

Be sure to watch all of the videos.

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - esgunn - 02-04-2010

Oh yum! I love pot stickers! I may have to try these.

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - DFen911 - 02-04-2010

Oh gosh I love dumplings and every time we go up to San Francisco we always go out for em. Dim Sum night is just devine

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - Gourmet_Mom - 02-04-2010

This was on my list to try last summer, but I put it off until last (chicken)...and ran out of time. Maybe this will help bolster my courage. Thanks Labs!

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - cjs - 02-04-2010

I'm going to look at this in the morning with my coffee, when it's calm around here. I haven't made them either and I'd love to try them also.

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - Harborwitch - 02-05-2010

Hey Jean, remember this adventure?

[Image: IMG_5567.jpg]

Beautiful Chinese Chive dumplings.

[Image: IMG_5568.jpg]

Hint: The tortilla press makes perfect round dumpling wrappers.

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - cjs - 02-05-2010

oh yeah, what a night of food. What was the crappy one that drove evreryone out of the kitchen???

finally got to look at the sites you posted, Labs. Sharon, is that the recipe we made? Looks like a good one.

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - Harborwitch - 02-05-2010

[Image: IMG_5563.jpg]

The banana flower! Gag, nasty, ack!!!

As I recall the recipe was from Cookingcapers, for the dough and I don't recall the filling. Boy those were good.

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - labradors - 02-08-2010

Okay. Here's how it went:

[Image: beforecooking.jpg]

[Image: cookingl.jpg]

[Image: aftercooking.png]

First of all, the wrappers were a LOT easier than I expected. Likewise, the filling and pleating. Yes, it took some work and time, but I had no problem with them, especially for making these for the first time.

Second, the pan-fry cooking method worked perfectly and also was not at all difficult (of course, the picture, above, that shows them in the pan is before the water was added and the lid was put on).

Overall, they were good, but...

I didn't use the shrimp and didn't have the garlic chives.

To me, the taste seemed to be missing something (did double check), and so I have added some more garlic and more ginger to the part of the filling that I refrigerated for tomorrow.

The sauce was MUCH saltier than I expected. Adding some more rice vinegar helped a little, but I'll still need to change it. Maybe the Pearl River Bridge soy sauce that I used just happens to be saltier than others (although it was fine for the pork stew, but that had a lot more liquid to balance it out).

Thus, although they were not super-outrageously wonderful, they were worth making, and I could clearly see that the potential was there. I'll post more about this tomorrow, when I find out how my additions to the filling helped, and when I decide what to do with the sauce.

This experience will NOT dissuade me from making these again - only to make some adjustments. Otherwise, I shall definitely make these again (i.e. in addition to the leftovers from this batch).

Re: Uh-oh... I MUST try this... - Harborwitch - 02-08-2010

They look good. May have to give them a try - but it will be a while, we've been on this Asian kick of late and I need some Italian or good ol'North Dakota food.