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Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - cjs - 02-06-2010

We're finishing up the leftovers from Chicken Fricassee.

What are you all up to?

I had fun yesterday - I've been wondering about how much fun a lot of us have had with pork bellies, how about beef bellies? Do they have an equivalent cut? Talked to our butcher yesterday and he thought the closest cut would be the flat iron steak, but without the beautiful lines of fat.

So, bought one and made it like I did/do the Five-Spice Roasted Pork Belly - oh my, it is so good and tasty. A tad dry, but I can work on that.

This is the cut
[Image: FlatIron1.jpg]

I marinaded it for 4 hours and roasted it for 1 hour at 450
[Image: FlatIron2.jpg]

and here it is - the 5-spice flavor is so good. Now to play with it and how to use ut.
[Image: FlatIron3.jpg]

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - Trixxee - 02-06-2010

That looks good!

Tony's making ham and white bean soup from a leftover Christmas ham/bone we froze. I'll make some cornbread too. Good choice for this rainy, rainy weather.

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - BarbaraS - 02-06-2010

Well, it's snowing up a storm here - at least a foot and it's still going! I planned on doing Beef Bourguinon today. Glad I picked up the goodies on Wednesday!


Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - Dismc - 02-06-2010

I love flat-irons. One of my favorite cuts to grill.

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - Old Bay - 02-06-2010

We're doing NY strip steaks w/ baked potato and salad with dressing and blu cheese sprinkles. I'm going to "create" a smooth watercress soup for a 1st course.

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-06-2010

I'm doing Theresa's dinner review....Lacquered Beef Ribs with spicy ginger sauce. I've got some romaine in the drawer and forgot about the kale/spinach when I went out, so I'll just have the kale/spinach with another meal.

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - Lorraine - 02-06-2010

We bought some spareribs. he put a dry rub on them overnight, and put them in the oven a few hours ago. We experimented with a brownie crusted banana cheesecake the other day, so that will be dessert.

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - Harborwitch - 02-06-2010

We're doing the same dinner - since we got to town I got the kale - but we've had rice 2 days in a row. Hmmmmmm. Maybe the scallion pancakes.

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - farnfam - 02-07-2010

We were feeling nostalgic and wanting to clear the fridge a little. So we did that Vietnamese Carmel Chicken form Iss47
That was my very first "gourmet" meal! It was still good as we remembered

Re: Saturday Dinner - 2/6?? - cjs - 02-07-2010

You took a page out of my book, Cis - miss your mind?

You sent me on a chase to find this recipes - it's really in issue #48 on page 25. AND, it looks so good, I've got to work this in, soon!!!