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foodgawker website - pink_eagle - 02-11-2010

I really enjoy this forum but don't have that much time to post. So, wanted to share a new find with all. Maybe it isn't new to you but I think it is great! Links to foodie blogers, etc. I have been searching quite a bit the last week with no bogus "spy-ware" problems. New message will follow with a specific question. Please check out and, no, I have no association--but a referal for anyone interested.

Re: foodgawker website - labradors - 02-11-2010

Thanks, Madeline. Foodgawker is a favourite of many people here, but it never hurts to say something for those who may not be familiar with it.

Glad you could come out of lurking and post. Please join us more often.

Re: foodgawker website - Gourmet_Mom - 02-11-2010

I have a love/hate relationship with foodgawker. I love to search through the posts...I HATE the time I loose while doing so...LOL! I get sucked in, and before I know it, I've lost a couple of hours! Bit it is an awesome site. The big thing that bugs me is the sites from non-English speaking foodies. (Nothing against those foodies. The problem is in the translator.) While most have a translator, it's a bear to copy those. Both languages show up...LOTS OF EDITING! And often it gets confusing. Some things just don't translate well.

Glad to see you posting Madeline!

Re: foodgawker website - labradors - 02-11-2010

Daphne, if any of the ones that interest you are in Spanish, send me a link in a PM, and I'll do the translation (recipe only, though - not a whole story to go with it).

Re: foodgawker website - Gourmet_Mom - 02-11-2010

Thanks, Rob. Sadly, most are in one of the Germanic languages. Most that I've found and copied like that were for interesting bread recipes. But I do know who to come to if I run across one in Spanish! Thanks, again!

Re: foodgawker website - labradors - 02-11-2010

Though not fluent in German, I have managed to translate a couple of recipes successfully, though they did take more work. Of course, it helps that translation tools such as Google or Babelfish can usually give a decent start. Mostly, I wind up researching the words that don't get translated and/or things that, after translation, don't make sense.

You should have seen what I went through to translate the recipe for that Czech pork roast - and that's a Slavic language, not Germanic! It was a lot of fun, though, and I learned a lot, AND wound up with a great recipe from it.

Send me a sample link. I'd love to give it a try.

Re: foodgawker website - foodfiend - 02-11-2010

Oh my. I see what you mean, Daphne, by the website sucking entire hours out of your day!

Re: foodgawker website - chef_Tab - 02-12-2010

Yes, I get sucked in too. And when I need a laugh, I check out Cake Wrecks. That is hysterical.

Re: foodgawker website - farnfam - 02-12-2010

OMG, I almost forgot about Cake Wrecks!! Always good for a laugh

Re: foodgawker website - cjs - 02-12-2010

Daphne, you might want to check out this website if you come across a particular recipe that sounds good to you. Because of Roy's heritage, I subscribe to it and get lots of ideas from it.

Removed - just in case.

she has some good ideas.