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ISO recipe for Dollhead Please read - Barbarainnc - 02-12-2010

Several years ago I cooked for an average of 600+ children & adults on a daily basis in a school setting. One of the all time biggest sellers was my oven fried chicken-made with a coating mix I got as an insert in a piece of Corning Glassware I had purchased in the 1970's.
The coating mix was made from cornflake crumbs, oregano, paprika, salt & pepper and that's all I can remember.
I lost the recipe in one of my moves and am heartbroken as it is the BEST coating mix I have ever had.
When I worked at the school, the oven-fried chicken I made using this mix was a huge best seller.
Teachers and kids alike could smell it as it baked in the oven and by lunchtime everyone was craving a second helping or more.
I never had left-overs...even using the "government" chicken.
I was recently able to contact an elderly retired exec from the now extinct Corning glassworks.......he recalls the recipe also, but has been unable to locate it in his paperworks.
If any of you guys have that recipe-perhaps from a piece of corningware you purchased years ago- I sure would appreciate it.

The company called it Corning Glass Shake-&-Bake to the best of my recollection.
It really is the greatest coating for chicken.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

Please post if you have this recipe!!! I will send it to her. Please keep this thread going, she really wants to find the real recipe.

Re: ISO recipe for Dollhead Please read - cjs - 02-12-2010

Oh, I so feel your pain over losing this beloved recipe - it's happened twice to me in my cooking lifetime and I've never been successful in finding or recreating these darn dishes.

I have a wonderful coating, but it is one I made up myself that is similar to what you did, but it would not be the same. Good luck!!!

Re: ISO recipe for Dollhead Please read - Gourmet_Mom - 02-12-2010

I'm so sorry, Barbara. I can't help. I will ask Mom, but even if she did have it, I doubt she'd be able to find it right now. But I will ask. Like Jean, I have a recipe, and I think I've used Jean's recipe but that doesn't help.