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Rack of Lamb - Old Bay - 02-12-2010

I see so much variation in serving size. We're planning to entertain 8 for dinner (including us). It will be full dinner. Some recipes say it takes 16 ribs to feed four. Others say it takes 3 racks (24 ribs). I want to serve cutting double rib pieces. If we did 24 for 8, it would require a double rib and a single per person. Advice??

Re: Rack of Lamb - labradors - 02-12-2010

As I think of it, three single ribs would be good for plate presentation - either a rough triangle of overlapping ribs, or - maybe even better - a triskelion of ribs. With some nice garnishing, those could have a great effect.

Re: Rack of Lamb - Dismc - 02-12-2010

Bill, that's one of my favorite things to serve for special dinners. I always serve 4 ribs per which means 1 rack for 2 people. Kind of a pricey proposition.

Re: Rack of Lamb - - 02-12-2010

that's what we are having tomorrow night for Valentine's Dinner - one rack for two -

Re: Rack of Lamb - cjs - 02-13-2010

Yum, and I agree - one rack for 2 people.

Re: Rack of Lamb - pink_eagle - 02-13-2010

I generally serve 4 ribs per person. However I like Lab's suggestion above about presentations. With a 3 course meal, 3 ribs probably is enough--really depends upon your guests--if they are big eaters or not. I just like the 4 rib "rack" intack so meat stays warmer longered.