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Valentine's Day Dinner! - BarbaraS - 02-13-2010

Yep, I'm doing those Filets with Wine Sauce again. Stopped at Wegman's yesterday and checked out their meat case. All they had displayed were Choice grade filets that were about 1" thick and large. Bleah. So I asked if they had any Prime and sure enough, wrapped in cryo in the case was a whole Prime tenderloin. They opened it up and cut off two beautiful 6 oz-ers for me. While they were doing that I asked about why the other filets were so thin and the counter lady said a customer asked for them that way, then returned them half an hour later. HUH? What a waste!

So I'm starting off with Onion Soup Gratinee, then the Filets, and then Poached Pears in Wine Sauce. Haven't done the pears before, but the recipe says I can prep them in advance, so here goes!

What are the rest of you up to?


Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - mrsbushaxe - 02-13-2010

I'm going to recreate the honey lime schnitzel dinner he proposed over decades back. I ran across a similar lemon honey schnitzel recipe recently in a new cookbook I received.

Then possibly serve a chocolate raspberry torte for dessert.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - - 02-13-2010

We love those Filets with the wine sauce. The rest of your dinner sounds lovely. We are having rack of lamb, cracked rosemary potatoes, the orzo from the Cuisine Lite (without the sun dried tomatoes), and tuxedo truffle cake.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - Old Bay - 02-13-2010

We are hving 8oz lobster tail (on sale)), 5 oz filets, twice baked potato, and a salad of lite greens, frizzee, hearts of palm, tomatoes, and avocados, topped with Larry's Italian dressing (from Jean) with blu cheese crumbles. I think a lite pinot will go with this.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - Gourmet_Mom - 02-13-2010

Believe it or not, William asked for pizzas. So pizzas and salad tonight. I'm thinking of make some tomato soup with blue cheese crumbles and fresh baked bread to go with it, but right now, life is getting in my way.

Tomorrow will be determined based on the road conditions tomorrow. To get nice filets, I'd have to go into town. That's out of the question in my little car today.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - BarbaraS - 02-13-2010

Well that just sounds lovely, too! Thought about surf and turf, but asked the hubby what he wanted and he just loved those filets in the wine sauce, so, that's it.

We're doing V-day very low key. No cards, no flowers (yellow roses are my fave), no going out for dinner. Learned that lesson last year when we waited 45 minutes for our entrees. However, I will be missing fresh shucked oysters for my appy.


Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - cjs - 02-13-2010

" (yellow roses are my fave), mine, too, Barbara

Little madmax is making Valentine's dinner for us when we get to Medford tomorrow AND she's making Theresa's B'day dinner menu, I just found out. So, we'll be having it twice in one week - I brought all the goodies for it for on the road too.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - chef_Tab - 02-13-2010

Not sure if we are talking about Saturday or Sunday here. Either way, hubby and I signed up to work both days at our local winery for a chocolate and wine tasting event. Today was crazy busy but fun. I was pouring wine and pairing chocolates for tastings and hubby was in the stock room filling orders. It was fun, met lots of nice people, and as always, enjoyed the after party for the workers. We stopped for a bite at a restaurant on the way home. I had seafood scampi(mediocre) and hubby had ahi tuna. Tomorrow will be more of the same, but we will stop at a different restaurant on the way home.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - DFen911 - 02-13-2010

Derek and I are wheels up for San Diego tomorrow morning The weather is beautiful so getting on the motorcyle for a long ride and a nice weekend.

Re: Valentine's Day Dinner! - cjs - 02-14-2010

"The weather is beautiful" - and you better promise to keep it also!!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone - all the dinners sound wonderful!