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What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - cjs - 02-15-2010

Because we get up get going so early in the a.m. to get back on the road, I'm starting this tonight for everyone tomorrow -

I'm not sure yet, but I do have to decide soon to defrost something.

What are (pretend it's Tuesday morning ) you all up to?

P.S. - We're in Dunningan, CA this afternoon. ALL the windows are open, Roy is already outside with a glass of wine and a book sitting in the sunshine....mission accomplished, we found the sun!!

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - - 02-15-2010


we found the sun!!

Well, please send some this way!! Please, please. We are having for tomorrow the Greek Chicken Roulades in the Cuisine Lite book with Creamy Orzo (page 29), and some green beans.

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-15-2010

Sonja, don't forget...hold your review on this one until March 8th! This is Erin's Birthday dinner pick!

I haven't decided yet. I'll check in later. I've got a funeral in the morning of an old friend's mother. Virginia was that mother that most of us know who watched out for all the kids through school. That being said, I'll have all afternoon to play.

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - - 02-15-2010

Thanks, Daphne - but I remembered - we have had this already once and the orzo twice - so I will keep it under my hat - I need to get the slow cooker cookbook now!! I was late on getting the Lite one so I am recipes behind. So sorry to hear of the passing of your friend.

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - chef_Tab - 02-16-2010

Sonja, how funny, I have the Greek Chicken Roulades planned for tomorrow! Tonight I am going to attempt another version of Paprika Schnitzel. If any of you remember, I have been on a quest for a childhood memory of a delish meal. And even though it doesn't really go, I am making Ceasar salad because that other thread made me want it. I am very excited about Erin's b'day dinner, glad she picked that one.

Jean, I am sooooo envious. For my b'day hubby gave me a coupon that said I could plan a "real vacation". I have never been to the west coast, so I am thinking of a leisurely drive down the coast, stopping anywhere that looks interesting. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them.

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - labradors - 02-16-2010

Getting the various birthday-dinner ingredients, today, so no further comment for a while.

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - HomeCulinarian - 02-16-2010

I'm going to try the Butternut Tortilla Soup from CAH 47 tonight. We have a couple squash left from the garden that need to be used soon!

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - cjs - 02-16-2010

Oh, how fun Theresa! Let me know the parameters of your north/south limits - some of us west coasters may be able to meet you! We'd certainly have ideas for you.

We're having Beef Stroganoff (from the freezer) with nooodles, and fruit for dinner.

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - Lorraine - 02-16-2010

It's Pancake Tuesday....hello Uncle Wallace!

Re: What's for Dinner TUESDAY, 2/16???? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-16-2010

So much for playing all afternoon. Since so many family members were from out of town, we spent the day at the church eating and visiting. It was nice, but that meant I had to come up with something fairly quick for dinner. I had bought a chicken on sale the other day before it snowed. It was almost frozen, but is thawed now, so I'm going to roast it some way, make Fancy Macaroni, and French Cabbage Salad. It's very BURRR out, so I decided on comfort food!