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Open That Bottle Nite - Old Bay - 02-21-2010

It's this Saturday--we're having three couples over for crown rack of lamb. Still deciding on the wine--don't know what wines the guests are bringing, but they know the menu.

Anybody else celebrating?

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - Gourmet_Mom - 02-21-2010

Bill, this sounds like so much fun. One of these days, I hope to have a wine reserve to pull from and join in on this tradition! You'll be pleased to learn that I am expanding my tastings for reds these days. I have now moved from Zins to Cabs....YUM!

BTW, can you recommend something to go with my two birthday dinners this week? Greek dinner Tuesday and the Braciola Thursday? I'll see if DD can pick up a couple of bottles before she comes home Tuesday. Also, I'm not familiar with Kirsch...would I want to get enough to serve WITH the pie? And if I can't get it, what would be a good sub for the pie?

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - Old Bay - 02-21-2010

Kirsch is nothing more than cherry brandy--I would get just any cherry brandy, raspberry brandy, or just brandy--the cherry brandy is just perfect in the cherry pie. It's too strong to serve wih the pie--I like coffee or milk!!!

For the Greek salad if you could find a bottle of Kourtaki (Greek Retsina) it would be a little adventure--very mild resin overtones to this white wine. Classic Greek wine--inexpensive. Otherwise get a sauvignon blanc.

Try a bottle of Gabbiano Chianti with the Italian dinner--if you like Zin & Cab, you'll love a friendly chianti!! About $8 to $10. Enjoy.

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - Gourmet_Mom - 02-21-2010

Thanks Bill! I may actually be able to get the cherry brandy. I'm guessing we'll have to go with milk or decaf. My days of caffeine at night are long over. I'll have Ashley look for the Kourtaki. The Chianti is a cinch! I've been meaning to try Chianti, so this will be the perfect meal for that! Perfect!

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - foodfiend - 02-21-2010

I was hoping that I would be able to have the last bottle of my favorite sauvignon blanc (which I bought a case of 2 years ago and have been opening very judiciously since) with the Greek dinner, but it's at the lake house. I think that it would pair perfectly with the chicken roulades.

Bill, thanks for the chianti suggestion! That is one variety which I am unfamiliar with, and it's good to have a recommendation (better still, it's actually available in our archaic state liquor system!).

Daphne, we had an old vine zinfandel with the braciola and it was a good choice. I think that the brand was Gnarly Head.

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - cjs - 02-21-2010

Since this thread is about wines, may I brag on Roy Rogers a little? He's almost finished with his wine cellar and it's just gorgeous -
[Image: WINECELLAR2.jpg]
The above curved corner took 7 hundred and some widgets (oops he just corrected me 316 widgest....just seemed like 700 and some) for the bottles.

[Image: WINECELLAR3.jpg]

These cupboards still needs glass in the two doors and the other side of the cupboards goes to the other wall with large diamonds.

and this wall will have cupboard doors and be his workspace.

[Image: WINECELLAR5.jpg]

and above is the wall that goes around the corner and will be his work space with doors under.

It's so pretty. We've been laughing about knowing a realtor will tell us some day, who else will want this room??? And, we've decided let the kids worry about it after we're gone.

Now that all the wine is out - it's time to join Bill every month for "open that bottle night"

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - esgunn - 02-21-2010

OMG! It is BEAUTIFUL! What craftmanship. I will have to save this thread and show Steve when he gets home!

Way to go Roy!

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - Gourmet_Mom - 02-21-2010

Funny, at first I thought you were going to show a traveling wine cellar...LOL!

Jean, it's just gorgeous! Tell Roy I think he missed his calling. He would have made a great carpenter! But then, it seems like everybody is going for a second careers these days!

Now it's a toss I want to be Roy and eat Jean's cooking or Jean to enjoy Roy's woodworking? HMMMMMM?????

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - foodfiend - 02-21-2010


do I want to be Roy and eat Jean's cooking or Jean to enjoy Roy's woodworking? HMMMMMM?????

Daphne, let's just take a little trip west and do both. And drink some of that wine, as well!

Wow, Jean. Just, wow!

Re: Open That Bottle Nite - Old Bay - 02-21-2010